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Getting your hopes up for E3 announcements is a strange game to play. It's very different from any other kind of speculation, in that the reveals are ready made. Every guess as to what we will see is tinged with a degree of advice for the major publishers. "Understand your consumer base, and we'll be happy" is the general message. It's like being handed a Christmas present, and saying "there'd better be a puppy in here!" or in the case of many fans as we approach the Nintendo press conference "there'd better be a [Pokémon](tag:2538552) Z in here!"

So let's talk about this Schrödinger's Pokemon. Is there a brand new game cooking behind the scenes ready to be unveiled before our adoring eyes? Sony did an incredible job yesterday of defying expectations, reviving The Last Guardian and actually throwing caution to the wind with a gutsy remake of Final Fantasy VII. Nothing seems impossible, so what are the chances of seeing Pokemon Z at E3 2015? But first, some honorable mentions.

No Zelda on Wii U

Link will have to wait.
Link will have to wait.

Nintendo is laying their middling hand bare in admitting that the new Zelda on Wii U will not be exhibited at E3 2015. This is due to Nintendo wishing to fine-tune the game appropriately before showing it off at E3. I can admire that decision. They certainly wish to avoid the blunders that occurred with Wii Motion Plus upon the demo of Skyward Sword a few years back, and any reveal of next-gen Zelda needs to be clean, slick and full of tact.

Star Fox on Wii U

Speaking of fine tuning projects over a long period of time until they're satisfying to your consumer base, Star Fox Wii U is alive and well at E3 2015. The game is playable on the show floor, but what Nintendo chooses to reveal in their upcoming press conference, we're yet to know. An in depth showcase of new gameplay features are in order, since they are decades in the making. That would surely please fans much more than simple boisterous, hifalutin cinematics.

Pokémon Z at E3 2015!

And here's the big one. Nintendo's real moneymaker (as much as they may dispute that fact) could be making an appearance at E3 this year. Pokemon Z is still, as of yet, comprised of speculation and bolstered up wishes, but following through on the massive splash made by X and Y seems like a no-brainer for Nintendo at this point! A few things fans are hoping for include an improved GTS, an extension of the mega evolutions mechanic, and a roster of new Pokemon that genuinely gives the impression of the series making progress. Will we see Pokemon Z revealed in the Nintendo press conference, or will we see even more?

Pokémon on Wii U?

Greninja is a must to return!
Greninja is a must to return!

While the very brand of Pokemon is not completely divorced from the Wii U console thanks to titles like Smash Bros, core Pokemon RPGs have forever been wedded to handheld consoles. It's almost a given that if Nintendo don't announce Pokemon Z for 3DS, they don't announce it at all, but could the lagging Wii U get a look in? Fans have clamored for a core Pokemon game on a home console for almost as long as the series has existed, and the degree to which that would work can be debated another time, likely when we know what Nintendo reveals in their press conference. To let speculation run absolutely rampant, some Pokemon titles of yore would work for Wii U. A new Stadium game would please fans, and a reworked Pokemon Snap practically makes itself for Wii U.


They go hand in hand. A big new title gets released, a strew of Amiibo follow suit and make us gladly part with our cash. The Amiibo craze just about missed Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, so never really exploited the Pokemon name. If we were to see Pokemon Z announced at E3 2015, all that could change, and the Amiibo floodgates would be opened! The possibilities for new figures and their implementations would be endless. My only reservation about this would be the chance that the buying patterns Amiibo rope us into could distract from the initial magic of encountering a new Pokemon game. Imagine if elements such as mega evolutions, or entire tiers of Pokemon were cut off from players who didn't make full use of Amiibo tie-ins?

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What Pokemon game would you most like to see announced at E3 2015?


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