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It has been 22 Years since Jurassic Park first rolled-out and Isla Nublar has Resurrected once again, but this time the Catastrophe just gets Worst. The Plot Burrows Twists and Turns from the Original One, albeit the Draw is Purely Commercial rather than aesthetic. The Storyline could easily be referenced to the Jurassic Park that caught the Wonderment of Audiences from all Demographics when it came out back in 1993. But the Diegesis of Jurassic World doesn't quite sound Inventive. Here's How it has Been Shaped Like: Beware Spoilers Ahead!

Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard) is a Career-Oriented Woman. Calm, Composed and Well-Groomed who Supervises the Jurassic World that tame Dinosaurs for Folks to Behold. Masrani (Curiously Played by Irrfan Khan) owns the Jurassic World and demands that the Park come-up with something more Ferocious to Sweep the Audiences. Claire has her Nephews Zach (Nick Robinson) and Gray (Ty Simpkins) visiting the Park but she being consummately Occupied hitches them to her assistant Zara (Katie Mcgrath) and she happens to lose them just a few minutes into the Movie. In Comes our Indiana Jones-que Male Lead Grady (Spotless Chris Pratt) who is sort of a Dinosaur-Whisperer, Raptor-Wrangler (God Knows how they define his Profession) who is brilliant in understanding Raptors. Dr. Wong (Henry Wu) has created this Petrifying Hybrid called Indominous Rex which is more Terrifying than a T-Rex, Cunning than Raptors and Louder than every single mechanism on the Island.

Like every other Species, the Indominous Rex is Monitored in a Well-Secured Paddock, but it tricks Owen Grady and the Employees assisting him to Check it out. What Ensues is Highly-Predictable, the Indominous Wrecks Havoc on the Island, Slaying anything that comes in his/her way (Unbeknownst to its Gender). Finally, the help comes from the Park's Veteran T-Rex which is lured by Claire from his Paddock towards the Indominous and the T-Rex teams-up with the Raptors to outflank their Collective Foe. Amidst there's a Hullabaloo that Colin Trevorrow meticulously plans and pads-out dramatically.

To Cut a Long Story Short: Jurassic World stands high on the Coruscating Visuals along with the Imposing Characterization of all the actors. It has its own right of entertainment and Punctilious Narrative and stands well as a Popcorn Summer Blockbuster. But what stays with us even after the Screening is the Background Score by John Williams that is etched in our Memories just like the Jurassic Park.


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