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This year so far has been one of the best E3's in years. Finally we have been given true insight into what the future has in store for us. Hardcore fans of classics are getting revamped games like the recently announced Final Fantasy 7 remake. We have sequels to some of the best games in the past decade like Halo 5, Metal Gear Solid 5 and even a return to the Gears of War world.

Gears of War 4
Gears of War 4

Games each year have become even more cinematic than ever with games like the Last of Us, which took us into a movie. As these games get more realistic, the ways we can tell a story become much broader. And with new devices just around the corner like Microsoft's deal with Oculus and Sony's new Project Morpheus the way we live these adventures will forever change.

These aren't just games anymore, they become real life worlds. And when they start implementing virtual reality with these world like games, will these places become our homes. Now you could paint a scary dystopian society that is stuck in a matrix like world but I see it as becoming our future internet. The same could have been said about classic video games but in reality did those games truly change society as a whole. No, it only gave us a new outlet.

As movies start to converge with the gaming industry, we can expect larger than life. Big time actors are lending their likenesses for games now as well as voice. When we can start living inside of our favorite movies and actually become a part of the story, we will have arrived in the future. E3 this year showed that storytelling is an integral part in the next wave of gaming. We can only hope it keeps going that way.


Will future games bring us into the movies?


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