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Way back in 2009, it was announced that Tobey Maguire had quit, the then upcoming Spider Man 4. While the news did shock fans everywhere, we knew that it was only a matter of time before a reboot is announced. Later, sometime in 2010 it was revealed that The Social Network's Andrew Garfield would be our latest web head and that the film would be called, 'The Amazing Spider Man'

I was very skeptical about it because like all other Spidey fans out there I wasn't ready to say goodbye to Tobey Maguire. But when the new Spidey suit was revealed , I was impressed and when the teaser came out , I was convinced. The fact that the movie promised to tell us the story of Peter's parents really got me stoked as that meant that it would be based on the Ultimate Spider Man comics, that alone pretty much guaranteed that this reboot would be nothing like Raimi's Spider Man movies.

The Amazing Spider Man

Sony seemed to be getting everything right, so where exactly did things go south? For me it was the first 10 seconds of the movie, you see the idea of a reboot is to make things completely different from its predecessor, but this movie opened the exact same was Maguire's Spidey movies did, with intro credits which had a blue background and had webs all over the words. This might seem insignificant but the fact is, the little things matter. Back then people weren't certain that Garfield had what it takes to replace Maguire, the director Marc Webb himself had only directed one movie before he went on to helm this project, so we weren't sure if he would be better than Sam Raimi. The cast and crew still had to win the audience's trust, they had to make viewers believe that their favorite wall crawler is in good hands. But what do they do instead? They remind us of the Spider Man we lost. I understand that some of the producers from the previous movies were a part of this one too, but that's no excuse.

Secondly, the movie failed to deliver what they had promised, 'The Untold Story' to be more specific. They were going to show us what got Peter's parents killed, but all they did was tell us that they were involved in something dangerous and we knew that EVEN BEFORE WE SAW THE F***ING TRAILER!

Coming to the costume I thought that it was pretty good, it helped this movie's Spidey stand out from the rest. I honestly feel that Sony shouldn't have succumbed to all the fan boys' whining, I mean let's face it we fan boys are never satisfied!

Anyways, moving on the story was very weak, they gave us a very generic, misunderstood villian which felt like they ripped him off of a 60's comic book. Further the movie didn't exactly take advantage of Peter's dual life of a high school student and a vigilante. The reason why people like Spider Man is because the audience can relate to him, I mean you can't really relate to a billionaire playboy with super powered suits, can you? The film failed to exploit the character and his universe the right way to me it felt like just another Spidey movie with different actors, they didn't focus on how Peter struggles to balance his school life with his other clandestine activities and let's not forget the fact that Uncle Ben had to die over a bottle of chocolate milk! The movie made very little use of the source material it was supposed to be based on.

By the way, with the number of times Peter shows off his powers in public, it really is a wonder how no one has figured out that he's the guy beating up blonde thugs and what is it with him constantly taking off his mask!??!

The Amazing Spider Man 2

Even far before the movie was released, the pictures director, Marc Webb tweeted back then were enough to intrigue me. Particularly the pic of a locker numbered 14, in the comics it was the locker where Peter Parker and Eddie Brock find venom in and the picture of Ravencroft Institute, which is essentially Spider Man's version of Arkham Asylum. The trailers looked good too, so I assumed that this one wouldn't repeat the sins of its first chapter.

However, when the movie came out I was disappointed again, here's why. Like I said before, this franchise was supposed to focus on Peter's life in high school and what does it do? It shows him graduating. The fact that the upcoming reboot will again be based in high school shows how little use these movies made of the Ultimate Spider Man story lines.

The script was weak as usual but the biggest blunder was the antagonist, Electro. We were promised a beast with God-like powers but instead we got a socially awkward 10 year old with God-like powers, I mean the movie's subtitle is 'The Rise of Electro' for God's sake! Instead the movie starts to gravitate towards Harry Osborn, making Electro his overpowered bodyguard. Besides there's also that lame Goblin disease which they lazily added just to proceed with the plot. Then there's the clearly rushed fight scene between Spidey and the Green Goblin.

The main reason why this movie didn't get away with its mistakes as the first one did is because of its awful script and there's just too many things wrong with it so I can't mention all of them

At this point, I believe that rebooting the franchise( yet again) is the right thing to do, even though it sadly comes at the price of losing Garfield.

To sum it all up, the movies were average to say the least and a fresh start seems like the only way we will get an 'amazing' Spider Man. So I'm completely in favor of the upcoming movie, mostly because it will be based on a high school attending web head( by now it must be pretty evident how much I love the Ultimate Spider Man comics!). To sweeten the deal he'll also be seen teaming up with the Avengers!

Thanks for reading and no offence to those who did enjoy the movies. Let me know your views in the comments section. Cheers!


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