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Media Molecule (LittleBigPlanet, Tearaway) has always done a fantastic job with their games, and they bring us something fairly new each time. Taking LittleBigPlanet as an example, it was first and foremost a platformer. But in it, they gave us the tools and objects to create our own levels and game modes. The possibilities of creation were endless, resulting in literally millions of levels that were uploaded by fans. Now we're presented with a new game: Dreams.

The announcement opened up with Alex Evans (Co-Founder of Media Molecule) coming on stage. Before showing us the trailer, Evans had this to say:

"You know that feeling of lucid dreaming, moving through impossible time and space? You know, perhaps you started in the streets of that city, and then suddenly you're diving into the deepest breaches of the ocean. It feels so real and wonderful, and that's the sensation we're going for on PlayStation 4. So we're building a place where you go to play and explore the dreams of others, and then you can create and share your own.

Missed the trailer? Check it out here!

Unlike LittleBigPlanet, we do not have items to start with and place around in the environment. Instead, we sketch and sculpt using our DualShock 4 PlayStation controller (and possibly the Move controller)! Though it could take some getting used to, this is a brilliant idea. We are no longer limited by what items we are or are not given through the game.

LOVE this art style! Very nostalgic!
LOVE this art style! Very nostalgic!

Graphically, it very much reminds me of clay-animation games or films. Evans called it a "moving painting", which is also a spot-on way of describing it. This art style is a very smart move. With it, we won't be stressing over articulating every strenuous detail. This way, anything we create will still look gorgeous, even if we only spend a little bit of time on it.

I can't help but applaud Media Molecule for what they're doing. Even as a person who isn't very creative and lacks artistic ability, it's incredibly cool of them to create things that in turn, allows us to create. Good on you, Media Molecule!


Are you excited to create your dreams?!


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