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After watching the E3 Sony conference and the announcement over the Final Fantasy 7 remake for next gen, I started thinking, what other games deserve remakes? So that's the origin of this list.


A capcom game from the Play Station 2 era featuring samurai with mystical weapons, horrific monsters called the Genma. I first came into the series on the 3rd game Onimusha Demon Siege which involves time travel where a samurai gets warped into 2004 era Parish France, and a soldier form that time warps into Feudal Japan. The game itself wasn't all that great to be honest but the story and the boss fights were decent and the bosses were brutal and unforgiving, also the puzzles were very well done. I can't help but think how much better this game could be nowadays, I can picture a battle system like Metal Gear Rising Revengeance or combat like Devil May Cry and we might have this gen's best hack and slash / puzzle game. Especially if they keep the elements from the 3rd game with the time travel.


A little known horror game of the Play Station 2 era filled with some pretty gripping moments, especially the part with the demonic little girls and evil teddy bear monsters. The music was pretty freaky and the game play was solid, up until the final act where the game goes nuts and I couldn't finish it. I can imagine a PS4 remake with some Evil Within style specters and the neat ghost capture system being implemented it could be Resident Evil for ghost and might be really interesting, especially that prison level where the inmates, guards and even the surgeons are demonic ghost out to kill you. The invisible Poltergeist encounters are very well done and the swamp fights were really good and intense. Hey Namco take a break from Tekken and Soul Calibur for a change.


This was the first game I was old enough to be pumped up for it was a masterpiece of gaming and some of my fondest memories of me and my father playing this game and figuring out how to navigate its deadly traps and puzzles. The sequel was just as good albeit a little darker but I still liked this series. If you say the concept art for the Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within, it is terribly obvious that they had much more ambitious designs for the enemies and world that just couldn't be done on the Play Station 2. Just imagine seeing the prince in 1080p with Killzone ShadowFall level graphics a revamped combat system and cooler time bending powers with terrifying yet beautiful sand monsters coming to kill the prince. Throw in some parkour elements like Assassin's Creed and maybe even some inspiration from Mirror's Edge sprinkled in there. Come on Ubisoft do it please you've been milking Assassin's Creed for far too long now give us something else please!


This game sported an intriguing and interesting story line and interesting world. Sadly it hasn't had a game since 2003's Legacy of Kain Defiance which ended with many loose ends that need fixing. There aren't that many vampire games out there that aren't called Castelvania and I'd really appreciate either a reboot or some form of direct sequel, I'm not counting the Nosgoth spinoff which has very little to do with the main games. I really want to see that notorious redesigned Raziel image in an actual game with a dark and grim atmosphere with intense combat and a deep story line. I know a lot of the online gaming community really wants a reboot of some sort and I hope whomever holds the IP heads our cries for more Kain and Raziel action.

Imagine playing as this in a video game.
Imagine playing as this in a video game.


An unused winged beast....
An unused winged beast....

Of course this game would make it on the list, imagine what the colossi would look like on PS4 the environments and all of it, add in some new colossi, maybe updates of the unused colossi and some new game play mechanics maybe give us some more information on the background of the world and explain the origins of the colossi and the game's connection with Ico. If you haven't guessed it by now, I love this game it's probably the game I've played the most, just thinking about it makes me want to dig out my old PS2 and crank it up again. I really hope the film adaptation gets off the ground and is as epic as the game itself. Fingers crossed here.


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