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Have you been watching Justice League: Gods and Monsters? It's pretty good, isn't it? I have to say, without a doubt, this has to be yet another success story for Bruce Timm. Have you also been paying attention to some of the twists to the famous Trinity of the Justice League? Well, if you have noticed the differences with these characters besides appearance, here's a refresher for you.

This Batman is actually Man-Bat

As it turns out, of course, this Batman isn't exactly the Batman we've come to know secretly as Bruce Wayne. Pretty obvious, I'm sure. But here's the real twist. The Batman of this reality is actually the Batman of our reality's most toughest foe yet, Dr. Robert "Kirk" Langstrom, AKA The Man-Bat.

I'm guessing you saw some of those traits shown in Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles. But still, I felt it was pretty interesting to find this out.

So, in this reality, Dr. Langstrom's experimental serum was a success. Even more successful than he hoped.


Wonder Woman is from New Genesis

Instead of being born Diana of Themyscira/Paradise Island, she was born Bekka of New Genesis. I think what really gave her citizenship away was the fact that she came in through means of Mother Box. That, and, of course, the style of her armor. Only people from New Genesis would wear such large headgear like that. But I digress....... It is also mentioned that this Wonder Woman was to wed the New God and son of Darkseid, Orion. Something tells me things didn't work out. Considering she's making out with her famous love interest, Steve Trevor.

Superman is son of Zod

We kind of already know that, considering Bruce Timm himself gave away his origin.

So, this Superman was the son of Zod, our Superman's most vile enemy. But it looks like this Superman doesn't take too much after his father besides appearance. And instead of growing up in the care of Jonathan and Martha Kent, Superman was raised by a Mexican immigrant family.

The only thing that hasn't changed is their powers, with the exception of Batman being part vampire bat. But he can't fly. As far as I know.

It's a really good mini-series. You can watch Justice League: Gods and Monsters Chronicles on Machinima and the Machinima YouTube channel. Until then.....


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