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E3 showed us some new gameplay of Uncharted 4, and it blew my mind. I think the biggest thing we've learned about the new Uncharted is that you can actually drive Freaking vehicles!

Uncharted 4 keeps looking better and better every time they show more gameplay, this time they revealed Vehicles, and last time (before E3 2015) they revealed that in addition to Nolan North reprising his role as the lovable treasure hunter Nathan Drake, the game will also feature none other than, Troy Baker AKA the voice of Joel from The Last Of Us.

Troy Baker
Troy Baker

Now my question is, since Nolan North played a bad guy (David) in The Last Of Us, a game starring Troy Baker, will Troy Baker, in turn, be the bad guy in Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, which stars Nolan North?

The only thing we know about Troy Baker's character in Uncharted 4, is that he is Nathan Drakes brother.

Uncharted 4, is supposed to have a "darker" tone to it, with a much deeper story than it's predecessors. So it is not inconceivable that Troy Baker's character may become the next antagonist. Also having the main characters own brother be the bad guy is a great idea! It would add so much depth and conflict to the game, as Nathan Drake would need to fight his own brother, possibly to the death. Troy Baker (I don't know the actual character's name so I will just refer to him as Troy Baker) would make a much more interesting bad guy, than just some big angry dude with an army, who does bad things so he must be stopped. Troy Baker would make a MUCH better bad guy than the one in Uncharted 2, who was really uninspired, and extremely cliched.

But being Nathan's brother Troy Baker would have an instant connection to Nathan Drake, and be more than just some "big bad guy, that must be stopped".

A good bad guy, or antagonist, should be able to challenge our hero in ways they never expected. A good villain is someone who can be the main character's equal, yet also their opposite, and should be able to challenge the hero in every way possible. Just look at the Joker in Batman, he is such a good villain because he is able to match Batman though psychological warfare, claiming Batman is just like him. Or look at Darth Vader, the fact that he is Luke's father, gives Luke an inner conflict, and makes Darth Vader seem more human.

Being Nate's brother, Troy Baker will likely have the same skill set that Nate does, making him Nate's physical equal. Troy being his brother, would also mess with Nate psychologically, giving him an inner conflict, this will also make Troy Baker's character seem more human, making him way more interesting than any other of Uncharted's bad guys (and one bad girl in Uncharted 3).

Troy Baker (Nathan Drake's brother) would make the perfect antagonist for the finale of such an awesome series!


Will Troy Baker be the next bad guy in Uncharted?


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