ByK Alexander Pelchy, writer at

Daniel Craig is set to begin his fourth appearance as James Bond in the new movie, "Spectre", and with this a new inside-look at James Bond has come to fruition. Not only are we going to see action, sexy women, and the life of James Bond, but we will be seeing a new side to his past, which we began to get a look at in the last installment, "Skyfall". With these new secrets coming in hard, we finally get to see James Bond's deepest secret.

This will be a fresh take on a part from Octopussy, where Christopher Waltz will be playing Oberhouser, the nemesis in "Spectre". We also see the new Bond girl, Monica Bellucci, who is the oldest to play a Bond girl at the age of 50. So sit back and enjoy for here is the trailer for the new movie, and I for one am sitting at the edge of my seat waiting for "Spectre" to be released.


Are you ready to see this new Bond movie?


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