ByDave Head, writer at
Dave Head

Hydra has finally decided it has had enough of the secret plots and crazy plans. The Avengers love America and all that it stands for. After just battling in the Age of Ultron, and most of the Avengers needing a break. They could never of imagined the teaming of Nintendo's Kirby and Ghostbuster's Stay Puft Marshmallow man. Calling themselves the Plump Chump Thumpers and activated from their slumber by the movie PIXELS, the pair make their debut. After seeing the Nuclear Missile launch, the Plump Chump Thumpers spring, no not spring, bounce into action. Knowing that their were so few options the Thumpers did only think their poofy minds could come up with Stay Puft threw Kirby straight at the missile of doom. He immediately ate the missile absorbing all of its power, because well, that is what Kirby does. Now realizing that he must expel all of that radiation as he grew and slowly began to change in to a green poofy Hulk-like being, Stay Puft decided he must become the Martyr. Stay Puft goes to the Hydra base that sent the Missile and slowly as Stay Puft moves, sat on everyone inside sealing all of the exits. Kirby launches the Nuclear feast he devoured into a cataclysmic vomitous expulsion of fiery goo. Stay Puft roasts and slowly melts away absorbing the harmful radiation and drowning the base and all Hydra agents in giant wave of yummy roasted marshmallow goodness.


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