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The Threat

The world is facing an epidemic of people mysteriously dying in their sleep. The part that is truly terrifying is that they are not simply passing away peacefully; they are being ripped apart. Every night, an average of 10,000 people are being brutally murdered while they sleep. Several people have survived the night after being tormented and nearly killed, allowing them to warn others. They claim that there is a man, with a burnt face and knives for fingers, becoming stronger with every soul he takes. His name is Freddy Krueger and he is no longer confined to the dreams of those living on Elm Street. He is now strong enough to infiltrate the dreams of everyone living on Earth. He has created a maze that interconnects within the minds of every human, and the second they fall asleep, they are in his home, and they are new prey. Unfortunately, no one can avoid the inevitable, and they must eventually sleep.

The Team: Wolverine and the Joker

The unlikely team have the few characteristics that can beat Krueger and save Earth. Wolverine also has knives for fingers, so he is equally equipped for a battle, along with the fact that he won't die from any wound Freddy could inflict. The joker is an even match when it comes to a game of wits. Freddy won't be able to get inside the Joker's head, and if anything Freddy is the one who would need to be worried. The joker is even more deranged that he is, and isn't afraid of a little mind game.

Wolverine and Joker are put to sleep simultaneously in the hope that one of them is able to defeat Freddy. What they are not prepared for is the army of souls waiting for them within Freddy's nightmare. He now controls the millions of empty shells that are trapped within his maze. He knows that he is being hunted and isolates himself deep within the maze. While wolverine is taking on Freddy's army, joker curiously makes his way through the nightmare, giggling at every new terror he comes across. He is thoroughly enjoying himself when he finally reaches Freddy.

Freddy sneaks up behind the joker and thrusts his bladed hand through his spine, and grabs as much flesh as possible as he removes his hand. Eagerly waiting to see the look of terror on Joker's face, Freddy turns him. He hears a gurgling giggle, quickly transforming into a heinous laugh. The joker rips open his stomach to reveal only mechanical parts, tinker toys, and stuffing. He says "I love the madness here, I think I'll stay". He then lights a match and touches it to a string he had in his pocket. Freddy watches the fire move along the string until it reaches his hands which are covered in a flammable liquid gel he acquired while ripping into the Joker. The flames consume Freddy, reminding him of his initial death and disfigurement. He loses his mind, and slowly his world starts to disintegrate. The only thing left was a faint, endless laughter.

The Survivor

Wolverine wakes up, all of his wounds slowly fusing together. He looks over and sees that the technicians are unable to bring the Joker back. He has no visible injuries, but he no longer has brain activity or a heartbeat. He sacrificed himself, not to save everyone, but because it was the ultimate victory against a worthy enemy. His face was locked in a haunting, unnatural smile.


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