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The flash season 1 is an AWESOME tv show its the best superhero tv show i have seen in a long time, Right from the beginning the tv show hooks you in with relatable characters "Barry Allen, Caitlin Snow,Cisco Ramon, Iris West, and Harrison Wells." the show has many great plot twists and also cool villains, my favourite being mark Hamill as the trickster. but the tv show also has some downsides but i can only name a little because thats all i could think of. There are some episodes with very little re-watchability and the cgi on the first couple of episodes is actually quite bad. but i think the good things in this show far out weigh the bad.

The flash tells the story of a 11 year old boy (barry allen) who witnesses his mothers death by something impossible. he sees lightning in the living room and a man in yellow who murders his mother. his father gets imprisoned and framed for his mothers murder fast forward 14 years and barry allen gets an amazing new ability in which he can run ver VERY fast. he uses this power to fight crime and find others like himself.

I really liked the complicated relationship between barry and iris the way the writers wrote how barry likes iris and iris likes barry but neither of them can ever be together because of iris making a relationship with Eddie while Barry was in a coma.

overall I think that the flash is a very impressive tv show which is definatly worth your time!

Harrison wells being the reverse flash i think everybody already knew because of all the speculating that was going on about the hints at the end of each show. but how the writers wrote about him losing the speed force and "Eobard Thawne" taking the form of harrison wells was really quite clever. this obviously meant that Eobard Thawne was a descendant of Eddie and the sacrifice Eddie made at the end was really emotional even thought i didn't really like him much throughout the show because of barry liking Iris etc. i think i would like to point out the fact that iris went out with Eddie whilst Barry was in a coma. technically Harrison Wells as well as killing Barry's mother he also destroyed his love life. this is interesting because this means that the reverse flash although seemingly "dead" which i highly doubt is still hurting Barry. I mean that he is gone everything is going to change and make things much harder for barry caitlin and cisco because if you watch the older episode carefully caitlin and cisco were baffled many times then harrison wells stepped in and saved them with his cleverness.


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