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The people of Earth have always believed that no force can destroy them. But now we see in front of us a prediction come true. Many ancient philosophers and futurists had always warned us about this calamity. It is a THUNDERSTORM that has the capacity to tear every inch of our planet to bits. People now are in need of a force that has the strength to stop this DISASTER. So, all the leaders of the world have come together to create a special task force.

THE TEAMS-------


The Illuminati are a group of comic book superheroes who joined forces and secretly work behind the scenes in Marvel Comics' main shared universe. It consists of Namor, Tony stark, Professor X,Reed Richards, Black bolt, & Stephen Strange.

Nolan tries to control the supercell by his oceanic power but in turn helps the tornado with all the water. Iron man's power is no match, neither is Professor X useful here. So, they decide to call for help.


Professor X enters the mind of the Red Tornado and advises him to fight against the supercell thunderstorm. The red Tornado is useful in this war. Along with Iron Man's missiles and Reed Richard's scientific abilities, he is able to rotate in the reverse direction and slowly end the wrath of the tornadoes.


Doctor Stephen Strange leaves the Illuminati since he feels he is of no use. Although the danger is averted, Red Tornado dies because of multiple wounds.

Namor takes Black Bolt and Doctor Stephen Strange alongside him and form a new team.

At last only Iron Man, Professor X, and Reed Richards remain in the Illuminati, which now works solely with the Government and is rarely used.

The only winner in this fight is Iron Man, since he got all the popularity worldwide. He is actively working for the benefit of mankind nowadays.


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