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The Disaster: Chronal Energy leaking through a rift, targeting a specific place and time – the land of Aquilonia in the Hyborian Age.

Team One: Conan the Barbarian

Team Two: Blue Beetle and Booster Gold

Plot Points:

• The ancient wizard, Xaltotun, recently “awakened” using necromancy (which is actually just harnessing chronal energy to re-animate a corpse using essence from across space and time) seeks to re-establish the ancient kingdom of Acheron – using the rift, he gathers in chronal energy which he believes will give him enough power to return King Bel-Hissar and his Acheronian warlords to the world.

• Unbeknownst to Xaltotun, is that the chronal energy, which he believes is simply magic, is causing the rift to widen and deepen; causing anachronistic objects (tank from World War I, a big screen TV, etc.) to be brought into Hyboria and it is making the world unstable.

• Conan encounters an increasingly high volume of earth quakes and violent storms – seemingly originating from the Nemedian border, fearing sorcery or perhaps an invasion, he goes to investigate.

• Meanwhile, Booster Gold, Rip Hunter, and Waverider have discovered this rift and have been monitoring, believing it to be a natural and randomly occurring nexus point, but when it starts to turn ugly, and chronal energy is flowing too rapidly to be stopped they have to act.

• To prevent time and space from collapsing, the rift has to be closed, but they must discover the source at the other end of the rift that is gathering the energy.

• Rip and Waverider must stay behind to slow the rift as best they can, but they need Booster to go through and stop the cause at its source. Not knowing what dangers lie at the other end (and more importantly, a thinly veiled excuse to re-unite with an old friend), Booster needs to make a quick stop elsewhere in time to get some help… THE BLUE BEETLE (Ted Kord).

• By this time, Conan has reached a valley at the Nemedian border and has started to encounter all the strange objects coming through the rift (no living matter at this point); when the hair on the back of his neck stands up and he deftly avoids a crashing satellite… “By Crom!”

• Just then, Blue and Gold phase into Hyboria, a short distance away from Conan – upon seeing the barbarian in nothing but a loin cloth and looking very “rustic”, Ted and Michael exchange glances before Ted lets out his trademark “BWAAHAHa…hrrRGK!” it’s cut short as Conan grabs him by the neck and demands to know who he and Booster are.

• Incensed by the abuse to his friend, Booster lets loose on Conan and the two tussle for a little while before Ted manages to calm them down (because heroes always have to fight when first meeting).

• The three begin following the trail of time-traveled objects, and a short distance away discover a black and ruined tower beneath gathering storm clouds – (Ted remarks how that’s clearly the place, I mean, just look at it!)

• They creep in, stealthily (though Booster wanted to just fly in, guns blazing – even Conan remarks that he is a fool), and witness the wizard around a nexus point, pulling in chronal energy.

• Now it’s Booster’s turn to call Conan the fool, as they discuss their plan of attack in increasingly louder “hushed tones” (Conan, of course, wants to slay the wizard and end things quickly, Booster believes it can’t be that simple and Ted is just trying to stay quiet) when their bickering tips off Xaltotun.

• The battle ensues, Xaltotun letting loose the magic, an initial blast to scatter the heroes away from each other, another chronal energy blast disrupting Booster’s power temporarily; Blue charges in but gets stopped with a hold person / levitate type spell then flung back into the wall – eventually, Conan manages to get in close and guts Xaltotun from behind.

• The battle is over but the rift still isn’t closing – it’s reached critical mass.

The Survivor:

• Blue and Gold figure the only way to stop the thing is to gather up any anachronistic objects and get them back into the rift – though what happens to them on the other side is anyone’s guess; they start hurling the objects into the void until finally it’s just the two of them that aren't part of this time and place. The storms and quakes worsen and the two of them step through together into a white light oblivion.

• The story closes with Conan standing on a hill looking back at the valley with the tower below him, and he walks off into the distance.


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