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I would never guess that combining copper, brass, steel, wood, leather, and glass would create these beautiful steampunk looks. Steampunker, whose real name is Alexander Schlesier, is the artist behind these meticulous costumes.

Steampunker also sells the materials used to create the costumes so that customers may get their creative juices flowing and make their own steampunk looks.

Are you ready to have your eyes pop out of your skull? Because these are sure to blow your mind.

Steampunk Badass-ery

Gold and Brown Accents

Optimus Prime Looking Prime as Hell

Could This Be Greedo-Inspired?

C3PO Looking Good in Silver

Sick Hat and Mask Combo

Darth Vader in Daddy Knows Best

So fierce, but at the same time, so classy with that hint of style from the olden days. I am loving the silver, gold, brown, black, and yellow color palette.

Steampunker, you are a master of your craft and a huge inspiration. Maybe I could learn a thing or two from your vivid imagination when it comes to throwing together outfits.

[Source: Fashionably Geek]


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