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When the Sicario trailer hit the Internet, audiences were treated to a glimpse at a whole new level of danger and intrigue. In a world where everything is connected, relationships are going to be tested and families will never be the same. While we're not sure how the interconnected relationships of Sicario are going to fare, we can take a look at some more famous relationships in real life - including some of our very own Sicario stars' high-profile relatives. So, let's check out their new action-packed trailer and then their famous family ties!

I'm betting you'll be surprised who everyone's tied to!

1. Danny and Christopher Masterson

Relation: Brothers

Christopher is known for his role in Malcolm in the Middle while Daniel was featured in That '70s Show and Men at Work.

2. Charlie Sheen, Martin Sheen and Emilio Estevez

Relation: Father and son(s), making Charlie and Emilio brothers

Well...I guess that Machete trailer makes a lot more sense now...

3. Quincy and Rashida Jones

Relation: Father and daughter

The Muppets star Rashida Jones is the daughter of the legendary music composer. I totally see it now!

4. Bryce Dallas Howard and Ron Howard

Relation: Father and daughter

Did you know: Bryce's middle name comes from the city where she was conceived... Thanks, pops!

5. Emily Blunt and Stanely Tucci

Relation: In-Laws

While most know Emily Blunt as someone who kicked butt and took names in Edge of Tomorrow, you may be surprised to know that she's also related to Stanley Tucci by marriage. He's married to Emily's sister Felicity.

6. Benicio Del Toro and Rebeca Pous Del Toro

Relation: Cousins

The Collector himself is related to international euro-pop singer, Rebeca.

7. Jon Bernthal and Adam Schlesinger

Relation: Cousins

Our new Frank Castle is related to Adam Schlesinger, the bassist from the group Fountains of Wayne.

8. Josh Brolin and Barbara Streisand

Relation: (Step) Mother and son

Acting definitely runs deep in this family. His also-famous father, James Brolin, remarried in 1998 to none other than the incredible Barbara Streisand, making her Josh's stepmother. Talk about a talented brood!


Which celebrity family connection surprised you the most?


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