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Brainwashed and disoriented, Paul Crewe and the Mean Machine sets out on a quest to end Winter Vacation for children everywhere... Forever.

Where to begin?...It began on a cold night in November in Los Angeles, California, The lakes had been frozen over for days and children went out onto the ice to skate. A group of kids arrived, bringing hockey sticks and pucks, cones and nets to start a scrimmage match. The Mighty Ducks arrive with the intent of having fun, cheering their latest victory.

Suddenly a towering Paul Crewe arrived at the pond. With a mean look on his face and his team behind him, he takes the children's equipment and breaks them with his bare hands. "No kids will be having fun ever again!" Crewe yells as his team cheers. "No children in the world will play field games again!"

The children run over to the Mighty Ducks and tell them of what happened. The Mighty Ducks immediately approach Crewe and his crew. "Who do you think you are?" Charlie Conway asks.

"I am the one who will end winter vacation". Crewe says as he laughs maniacally.


"We will not stand for this." Says Goldberg the Goalie. "We challenge you!"

Crewe sneers, "challenge us?" He turns to his team and nods. "Okay, we challenge you to a game of football."

"But we only have eleven players here." Says Conway.

"Well then," Crewe says, "looks like this will be easy..."


Filling in for the rest of the eleven players is the Angels in the Outfield's Los Angeles team. "Need some help?" Roger Bomman asks as he steps onto the ice.

Conway smiles and nods. Now this is a fair match he thinks to himself. The two sides decide to play the game in an indoor arena. The rules would be regulation and anything goes. To the death...


ANNOUNCER: First quarter, Angels are on offense, the Mighty Ducks on defense, Crewe lines his men for the first down. Crewe snaps the ball, the Ducks are in a frenzy, running to catch the ginormous athletes that are The Mean Machine. The Mean Machine tramples over the Ducks until Goldberg makes the stop at the 45 yard line. The Mean Machine, headed by Crewe are in the shotgun formation, Crewe snaps - What's this!? Aberman with a stunning sack, stopping the play on loss of yards!

The Mean Machine is set for the second down, Crewe hands the ball to Cheeseburger Eddy, Eddy runs through the defense, blood everywhere, demolishing any hope of stopping him, he's at the 40, the thirty five, No stopping him, Touchdown!

The Ducks' numbers are dwindling, it's up to the Angels to stop the Mean Machine, led by Paul Crewe!


The Only ones getting out of this one alive is the Angels in the Outfield. After several minutes of pummeling, the Mighty Ducks were reduced to nothingness. However, the Angels had divine intervention and were able to pull off some miraculous plays. However the Ducks were not so lucky, losing half the team to blunt force trauma and injury, the Mean Machine lived up to its name. The Angels were able to stave off the Mean Machine through trick plays, and the famous statue of liberty play. The final weapon used was the Flying-V formation on offense, used by the Angels in honor of the memory of the Mighty Ducks.

The Mean Machine would lose to the Angels 38-31 in Overtime.


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