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Just like 90% of the gaming audience, i am a huge Mortal Kombat fan and with the current release of MKX i decided to take it upon myself to think if the poorly done 1995 film got a remake in the 2010's who i would cast for what roles. Now there are a lot of speculation over the Machinima's version of Mortal Kombat Legacy. I personality think that is was fantastic, telling the stories of almost all the "main" Characters. Anyway i am basing this on the video game of Mortal Kombat 9 the previous release of the franchise

Brian Tee as Shang Tsung

.Not only does Brian Tee have the look but he also has the experience working in a Mortal Kombat based movie made my Tee played Liu Kang in the serious and didn't really differentiate as a good or bad guy.

Brian Tee would be great as a bad guy, from playing D.K in Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. Put him in gear and have him go toe to toe with Raiden and you got yourself a great blockbuster hit. At age 38 his film career skyrockets past others when he was in films like: The Wolverine(2014) No Tears for the Dead(2014) and the new blockbuster sequel Jurassic World(2015).

Jason Statham as Striker

Jason Statham has become one of the biggest action movie badasses in recent years. Movies like The Expendables, The Transporter, Fast 7, and Crank have shaped this actors film career into a beautiful glass middle finger. Statham playing a bad guy isn't uncommon but he is better off as the pistol wielding swat officer who has no problem giving some police brutality here and there. If he was brought to do it, i have no doubt he could fill the best spot for Striker.

Jet Li as Kung Lao

Li's fighting ability is up there with the greats such as Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. Jet Li has been the stuntman i his own movies almost all the time. Kung Lao would be a perfect fit for Jet Li. His background in the games and the personality can be fit perfectly with Jet Li, and don't forget, he has also been cast as a badass in The Expendables 2 right next to Jason Statham.

Steven Yeun as Liu Kang

This zombie killer would be a great choice for Liu Kang. Of course its a controversial subject because everyone will have different opinions about who should play who. Yeun doesn't have that much experience in fighting other killing zombies and getting tortured by survivors (hahaha we're all glad the governors dead). He can be kicking ass and taking names on Mortal Kombat just as much as the Walking Dead.

Charlize Theron as Sonya Blade

The Busty Beautiful Blonde Bad ass that Johnny Cage just cannot get enough should be played by a Busty Beautiful Blonde Bad ass that everyone can't get enough of. Her role in Mad Max: Fury Road was the best ive ever seen behind her in the 2003 film Monster. Theron would do such a great job playing the ass-kicking bad ass when know and love.

Zac Efron as Johnny Cage

Efron Already has the abs and from Neighbors(2014) we can tell you he has the cockyness that we need in a good Johnny Cage actor portrayal. A young cocky arrogant boy who can back up what he says and is desperate for Sonya Blade.. This look is just all i need to say... Yes!!!

Idris Elba as Jax Briggs

Elba isn't as big as other picks such as The Rock, however this guy has something that Dwayne Johnson doesn't have...Acting skills. This man is one of the scariest guys to be around. He looks more like a Jax then Jax does. Idris is usually a screwed up cereal killer in a movie but this time i think he could be the good guy with Sonya Blade on the hunt for Kano!

Micheal Fassbender as Kano

From X- Men to Jane Ayre, Micheal Fassbender can play the most awful and most kind characters on screen... well.. this one is just awful. I want Fassbender to play the mercenary leader of a crime cartel running from JAX ans Sonya. I think if put in the right story line in this film, Fassbender as Kano could be the best portrayal in movie history. Breaking the lines between actor and character.

And Finally.......... Drum role please!!!!!!!

Chris Hemsworth as Radien

And no, not just because he is already a god who i the god of thunder and this time its lightning, i get what you are saying but.... hear me out, Hemsworth is the greatest portrayal of a character from a superhero behind Heath ledger as the Joker. Hemsworth can finally put some legitimacy back into the Mortal Kombat franchise by playing as Raiden for the upcoming MK Movie...

But then again its all my opinions based on my movie experience, and by that i mean the time ive been watching movies hahaha!!!


Would you want a remake from the original Mortal Kombat film???


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