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The Disaster- An alien overlord attacks the Earth

He came from a far away a galaxy and is trying to take over the universe- starting with EARTH!!!

The Teams

Batman and Beastboy- DC

Batman and Beastboy were fighting my with there normal teams (Batman with the justice league and Beastboy with the teen titans) till they became the alien slaves. They met up worked to kill the alien to save their friends.

Woods and Bowman- Call of Duty: Black Ops

Woods and Bowman heard (from the radio in their tent in 'Nam) that an evil alien overlord is in the USA and they took a helicopter to fight.

The Story

The aliens landed in USA and took over the White House. They inslaved the citizens and the only four people are Batman and Beastboy. Woods and Bowman. They formed teams and tried to see witch team would kill the alien. The alien was trying to make the ultimate evil alien human mutation. They infiltrated the White House and Bowman and Woods shot at the alien. The alien took a table and chucked it at them. They died. Batman then shot a rope at it them Beastboy turned into a lion and killed it.


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