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Hello once again and welcome to Battle Arena, where I pit the toughest warriors in fiction and pit them in a battle to determine who reigns supreme.

Our first fighter today is

Ghost Rider

A famous Daredevil with death defying skills with a motorcycle, Johnny Blaze had everything he wanted. Only for his life to go downhill, forcing him to make a deal with the devil, and in result, turned him into the being known as The Ghost Rider.


  • Superhuman Strength. Ghost Rider's abilities allow him to lift objects at around 25 tons, extremely impressive.
  • Superhuman Durability. Ghost Rider also has immense durability, allowing him to take blows from an enraged Hulk with ease, along with blows from Thor's hammer Mjolnir.
  • Regeneration. Ghost Rider has the ability to pretty much regenerate from any attack. Having his entire skull demolished, it reformed instantaneously, this combined with his durability makes him one tough foe, as the only type of weapon that can do permanent damage to him are holy weapons from heaven
  • Hellfire Manipulation. Being the Ghost Rider, johnny has the ability to manipulate Hellfire, fire from hell that burns the soul along with the physical body. Ghost Rider can emit hellfire blasts that can demolish large buildings with ease.
  • Skilled Motorcyclist. Being a daredevil, The Ghost Rider's main form of transportation is his hell cycle, a motorcycle engulfed in hellfire, which allows him to drive along any surface and drive at insane speeds.
  • Uses Hell powered weapons, which include

Mystical Chain- A chain that can slice through almost anything anything and is practically unbreakable. Ghost Rider can extend it and can summon many other chains at will.

Hellfire Shotgun- A shotgun that fires hellfire blasts. Extremely powerful.

  • Ghost Rider was created due to Johnny being possessed by the demon Zarathos. While given control over Zarathos, Johnny can let Zarathos take over at anytime, enhancing his power to extreme God like levels.
  • Penance Stare. Arguably Ghost Rider's most powerful and known attack. The Penance Stare is when Ghost Rider looks into your eyes, putting your soul through immense pain and agony due to the sins you have committed in your life. Can kill opponents, or incapacitate stronger opponents.

Alright, now we now what Ghost Rider is bringing to the table, lets see if our second combatant can live up to him.


A Highly trained military level assassin with skills like no other, Al Simmons was betrayed and killed by his own boss. This resulted in him going to hell where the devil proposed a deal, become his Hellspawn and he can go see his family again. Al agreed and was turned into the demonic badass Spawn.


  • Leetha of the 7th House of K. Spawn's symbiotic suit which grants him all of his abilities.
  • Superhuman Strength. Spawn has strength of around 50-75 tons, making him quite the physical warrior.
  • Teleportation. Leetha grants Spawn instantaneous teleportation.
  • Superhuman durability. Leetha grants him durability that renders him immune to almost any physical damage.
  • Regeneration. Spawn can heal from almost any attack, as the only weapon that can harm him are weapons made in heaven. And the only way to actually kill him is through beheading.
  • Master Combatant. Due to being a former assassin, Spawn has quite skilled hand to hand combat skills.
  • Constructions. Leetha gives Spawn the ability to create any weapon he can imagine, from Blades, to claws, to chains, to guns, with the latter being what he uses most often due to his prior line of work.
  • Necroplasmic Magic. The suit Leetha feeds off of Necroplasm, a mystical energy that Spawn is composed of. This energy allows Spawn to fire energy blasts and shields, but Spawn is limited on Necroplasm, so if he runs out, he will get sent back to hell. But there is an upside, Leetha absorbs the evil energy inside people to form more necroplasm, so the more evil an opponent is, the more power Spawn will gain in the long run.

Alright, now we have examined the weapons and skills of our fighters, lets see who brings who back to hell.


Fighting Simulation:

(A fast blur of flames drives through the city at blinding speed, burning through the roads. The culprit is revealed to be the Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider continues to drive through the streets, only to stop. He looks around, and breathes in. Quickly, Ghost Rider steps off his Hellcycle and swings his chain behind him with deadly force. Spawn is then seen, standing behind Ghost Rider. Spawn wraps his arm around Ghost Rider’s chain. The 2 glare into each other’s eyes, with Ghost Rider making the first move. Ghost Rider pulls his chain, which he imbues with massive amount of hellfire, severing Spawn’s arm.)

Spawn: Hm.

(Spawn regrows his arm, then sends many chains flying at Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider swings his chain around, countering Spawn’s chains, creating sparks that fly all over the place. Spawn then wraps his chains around Ghost Rider’s chain and pulls it, pulling Ghost Rider towards him. Ghost Rider attempts to punch Spawn, only for Spawn to duck and knee Ghost Rider in the stomach. Spawn then flips Ghost Rider over on his back and forms a shotgun using his symbiotic suit Leetha, and shoots Ghost Rider in the face. Ghost Rider is unscathed, then fires a tremendous amount of hellfire at Spawn, blowing him back. Ghost Rider gets up and slashes Spawn in the chest multiple times with his chain. Spawn quickly heals from Ghost Rider's attack, and creates 2 multi-barreled light machine guns which he uses to riddle Ghost Rider with tons of bullets. Ghost Rider is drowned in bullets, but he then emits an enormous blast of hellfire, blasting Spawn away. Ghost Rider quickly wraps his chain around Spawn and pulls him closer, grabbing Spawn by the neck.)

Ghost Rider: You reek of sin, time to pay for your crimes.

Spawn: Sorry, pal, not today.

(Spawn creates 2 grenade launchers which he blasts into Ghost Rider’s gut, blasting Ghost Rider away. Spawn doesn’t realize that Ghost Rider’s chain is still wrapped around him, resulting in Spawn getting dragged away towards Ghost Rider. Ghost Rider gets up and pulls his chain, cutting Spawn in half. Spawn quickly reattaches his body and gets up. Ghost Rider opens his mouth and fires a large blast of hellfire at Spawn, engulfing him in the flames. Spawn yells in pain, then teleports behind Ghost Rider, where he pierces him in the back with a large broadsword. Spawn then quickdraws 2 desert eagles and shoots Ghost Rider in the back of the head, knocking him onto the ground. Ghost Rider gets up however and turns around, slashing Spawn with his chain. Spawn extends his cape and ensnares Ghost Rider with it, allowing Spawn to create a mini gun which he assaults Ghost Rider in bullets with. Ghost Rider creates an enormous wall of hellfire between Spawn and himself, vaporizing the bullets from Spawn’s mini gun.)

Spawn: Interesting.

(Ghost Rider forms a large orb in the sky using the hellfire, and has it fire a enormous amount of arrow like projectiles made of the hellfire, piercing Spawn over and over again. Pierced twice, Spawn quickly deflects the hellfire arrows by creating chains that he controls to deflects the projectiles. Spawn then creates more chains that enter the ground, then emerge from beneath Ghost Rider, ensnaring him in chains. Spawn begins to absorb more power from Ghost Rider due to the evil within him, since he is technically a demon from hell. Ghost Rider becomes slowly weakened, but quickly runs into Spawn, knocking him onto the ground. Ghost Rider removes the chains around himself while Spawn gets up, and fires an orb of necroplasmic energy at Ghost Rider, blasting him away and onto the ground. Spawn flies in the air and creates multiple orbs of necroplasmic energy. Ghost Rider gets up and looks at Spawn.)

Spawn: Die!

(Spawn sends all of the orbs flying at Ghost Rider, hitting him with one energy blast after another. Spawn then flies at Ghost Rider and intends to punch him in the face with immense force, only for Ghost Rider to quickdraw his hellfire shotgun, blasting Spawn in the face. This knocks Spawn onto the ground, allowing Ghost Rider to wrap his chain around Spawn’s leg and swing him around, crashing Spawn into multiple buildings. Spawn teleports behind Ghost Rider and pierces him in the back with a sword imbued with necroplasm. Ghost Rider yells and emits a blast of hellfire, blowing Spawn away. Spawn teleports in front of Ghost Rider and punches him multiple times. Spawn then quickly pierces Ghost Rider in the chest with multiple chains.)

Spawn: You’re mine!

(Spawn begins to absorb more of Ghost Rider’s power, only for Ghost Rider to creates 2 large orbs of hellfire and smashes them into Spawn’s face, stunning him. This allows Ghost Rider to slash Spawn’s chains with his own chain, freeing himself. Ghost Rider severs each of Spawn’s limbs with his hellfire chain, then spin kicks him in the face, knocking him onto the ground on his back. Spawn teleports behind Ghost Rider and roundhouse kicks him in the back of the head, knocking him onto the ground. Spawn then wraps 2 chains around Ghost Rider's legs and swings him into multiple buildings. Spawn then sends Ghost Rider flying into the air, allowing Spawn to pierce him in the chest with many necroplasm infused chains, then fire 2 fully automatic grenade launchers at Ghost Rider, hitting him with one explosion after another. Ghost Rider then rips Spawn’s chains apart, and falls to the ground. Spawn aims his grenade launchers at Ghost Rider, but is suddenly hit from behind by Ghost Rider’s hellcycle, which pierces Spawn with multiple spikes of hellfire as well. The cycle drives Spawn over to Ghost Rider, who jumps and tears Spawn through the hellcycle spikes and onto the ground. Spawn regenerates and gets up, round house kicking Ghost Rider in the face, knocking him onto the ground. Spawn grabs Ghost Rider by the throat, only for Ghost Rider to aim his hellfire shotgun under his head and shoot him, blasting his head open. Ghost Rider kicks Spawn back, then shoots him in the chest with his shotgun, blast after blast. Spawn teleport behind Ghost Rider and pierces him in the chest with a spear of necroplasm.)

Spawn: The evil inside you is tempting, Ghost Rider.

(Spawn begins to absorb more of Ghost Rider’s power, weakening him even further. Johnny Blaze then decides to let Zarathos take control over him, enhancing Ghost Rider’s power incredibly. Ghost Rider emits a blast of hellfire blowing Spawn through multiple buildings.)

Ghost Rider (Controlled by Zarathos): It’s been awhile since I breathed some fresh air.

(Ghost Rider sends his chain over at Spawn, wrapping around him, and pulls him towards himself. Spawn quickly teleports behind Ghost Rider and impales him with 20 chains, then fires 2 AK47s at Ghost Rider. ghost Rider laughs, then blasts Spawn away. Ghost Rider conjures his hellcycle and drives into Spawn, who creates a portal which teleports Ghost Rider into another dimension. Ghost Rider looks around the dimension, and is then blasted in the back by Spawn.)

Spawn: I came here to get rid of your existence, Rider, now die!

(Spawn grabs Ghost Rider and lifts him up, absorbing his power. Ghost Rider kicks Spawn back and fire multiple hellfire blasts at Spawn. Spawn then charges up a huge blast of necroplasmic energy, while Ghost Rider does the same using hellfire. The 2 fire their respective attacks, resulting in an enormous explosion that decimates the entire area. Spawn is then seen extremely weakened, running low on Necroplasm. He looks over to see an equally weakened Ghost Rider.)

Spawn: I never fought someone with your level of power.

Ghost Rider: I can see why the kid wanted me to take over, you are quite the opponent.

(Ghost Rider and Spawn walk over to each other. Ghost Rider throws multiple punches, only for Spawn to dodge and deliver his own, utilizing his superior hand to hand combat skills. Spawn then grabs Ghost Rider by the throat and begins to absorb his power.)

Spawn: The evil the hides within you is quite the power up.

Ghost Rider: I can say the same for you.

(Ghost Rider grabs Spawn’s arm and looks into his eyes, using his Penance Stare. Spawn’s soul becomes tortured due to all of the sins Spawn has committed in his life. Spawn yells in pain and grabs his face in agony.)

Ghost Rider: I’ll let you handle this, kid.

(Ghost Rider lets Johnny Blaze take control.)

Ghost Rider: Boy have I been dying to do this.

(Ghost Rider swings his hellfire imbued chain around and decapitate Spawn with it. Ghost Rider then grabs Spawn’s head and engulfs it with massive amounts of hellfire.)

Winner =Ghost Rider

Reason: Well hot damn. These 2 chain wielding badasses from hell are quite the powerhouses. Both being on a godly scale when it comes to power, this entire battle really comes down to who can utilize the other’s weaknesses. Now lets look over their weaknesses. Spawn’s weakness is that his necroplasm is limited, he can run out, weakening his power and transporting him back to hell. But Spawn can easily absorb the evil demonic energy within Ghost Rider to fuel himself and make himself stronger. So that weakness is taken care of. These 2 characters also can only be harmed by weapons forged from heaven, one of the many similarities these 2 possess. And while these characters have incredibly durability and regeneration, Spawn has one more weakness, decapitation, which is the only way you can kill him. Now with Ghost Rider’s penance stare, which will put Spawn in agonizing pain in his soul, since Spawn killed his family, which is definitely something Ghost Rider can take advantage of. Now the Penance stare, once Ghost Rider uses it, will allow Ghost Rider to land many easy hits, including decapitation, taking out Spawn for the fight. Now this won’t be easy, since Spawn is incredibly powerful, and with Spawn constantly absorbing Ghost Rider’s power, Ghost Rider will need to let Zarathos, the demon within himself, take over as a power boost. And once Zarathos takes control, Spawn will utilize his power to the max, and eventually run low on enough necroplasm to allow Ghost Rider to use the Penance Stare, and land the finishing blow. The winner is Ghost Rider.


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