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I had the amazing opportunity of attending Etheria Film Night. It was held at the Egyptian Theater in Hollywood. Etheria Film Night is a showcase of new horror, sci-fi, fantasy, action, and thriller films made by emerging women directors. It was such an honor being around such amazing and inspiring talent. There was a feature length film, and around 6 short films screened throughout the night.

The feature titled Inner Demon was really clever. With an extremely small cast, this feature film plays out to be really wicked. Inner Demon directed by Ursula Dabrowsky from Australia was quite creepy. The synopsis is about Sam a teenage girl who gets kidnaped by a murderous couple. Stuck in their house in the woods, she has to struggle to survive not only the couple, but also the malevolent spirit that lives within the house. The SFX in the film was phenomenal as well. The blood and gore was so heavy people in the audience had to turn their heads. That says something when the whole audience is very accustomed or a fan of horror. Next were the shorts first starting off with Sheila Scorned.

Sheila Scorned was an awesome, fun, high energy packed action film. Sheila a dancer at a club spots her ex and kills him. His gang then comes to get her, kidnaps her, and traps her in a warehouse. She literally fights her way out and it's quite a visual. Mara Gasbarro Tucker from The US directed this Action/Thriller short film.

The next short titled Shevenge was a fun fantasy short film. Based on three friends talking about getting revenge on their boyfriends. The film goes through each girl's fantasy, only to reveal later a comedic plot twist. I enjoyed this light hearted Fantasy/Action/Comedy short film directed by Amber Benson from the US as well.

The next short El Gigante was one of my favorites. This short film's genre is horror and it's about a man who tries to cross the border of the US and Mexico. He gets kidnaped and finds himself in a boxing ring in a room surrounded by a hungry eyed family. He has to fight for his life, or be the cannibalistic family's dinner. This film was over the top and gory. It was a great film, and the ending credits made the film in all even better. El Gigante was directed by Gigi Saul Guerrero from Canada/Mexico.

Godel Incomplete is a science fiction short film on time travel and Kurt Godel himself. Between Godel and a research student they discover a theory on time, but can't decide which event over time came before the other. The lighting and camera angles in this film were very unique, it definitely placed you into the film. You felt as if you were there with the characters. Godel Incomplete was directed by Martha Goddard from Australia.

The next short was another of my favorites. The short film titled De Noche Y De Pronto is a thriller. It was definitely suspenseful! The film shows Maria home by herself, when her neighbor claims someone broke into his home and that he needs to come in. Hesitant, she still lets him in to call the police. However something just isn't right about the neighbor. The end will have your mouth drop. I was shocked, and thoroughly entertained. This short was directed by Arantxa Echevarria from Spain.

The last short was not the least at all. The genre of the short film titled Slut is horror. This film is a dark coming of age thriller about a teen who lives with her grandma and is extremely shy. After meeting a guy one day, everything seems perfect until her life takes a terrifyingly dangerous turn. Slut was directed by Chloe Okuno from the US.

Etheria Film Night was such a blast! I can't wait to attend next year, and just maybe then I'll have a short to enter as well. Thanks for reading!


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