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Thank You and Sorry is a special docu-series from Bleachers frontman, and Grammy Award winning artist, Jack Antonoff. The six-part scripted series is a fascinating, humorous and unequivocally human look at life on the road of a touring rock star.

Life on the road. Touring with a rock band. Being a rock star. These three things bring to mind some crazy, farfetched images. None of which are present in Antonoff's Thank You and Sorry. Instead, we are given a more realistic, and at times empathetic look at what it truly means to be on the road touring with your friends, whilst leaving behind those whom you love. Shot entirely in black and white, Antonoff manages to capture a sense of intimacy with the audience whilst portraying the music industry in an insightful, comedic and at times utterly bizarre fashion.

This mini documentary-style series mixes real life situations with scripted comedic ones, blurring the lines between reality and fiction, giving us an inside look at what the music industry can sometimes be, and how it affects those within it. We follow Antonoff as he navigates his way through multiple managers, the consequences of a relationship dealt with entirely over the phone and at sporadic times and philosophical insights from the inside of his mind. It is the latter that makes this mini series so enthralling to watch. Jack Antonoff's deep, heartfelt ponderings are tinged with a sense of vulnerably, and at times a sense of being unsure of himself. He speaks of anxiety, depression and OCD tendencies, but not in a Hollywood-esque celeb manner. Everything is very real, and it feels like you're listening to a friend opening up about himself for the first time. Throw in the comedic relief every once in a while, and what results is a unique audience experience, which is thoroughly enjoyable and at times even rewarding to watch.

The series also enjoys cameos from the likes of Rosie Perez, Olivia Wilde, Colin Quinn and Jason Mantzoukas, as well as compelling footage from his band the Bleachers' live tour.

The series lands exclusively on Google Play the 16th of June, and personally, I hope you all check it out!


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