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Danielle Taylor wasn't a fan of her Prom's theme. Let's face it: Candy Land is definitely not badass.

So what did this teenager do? She decided to make up her own theme and designed a dress inspired by the Green Arrow, which is a much more fierce theme, if I do say so myself. She based her dress off Oliver Queen's famous green hood.

And she is pulling it off!

Taylor reached out to Arrow's star Stephen Amell and sent him photos of her gorgeous dress along with this message:

"Hey Stephen Amell! I wanted to share these pictures with you. I went to prom as The Green Arrow because my school's prom theme was awful, it was called Sweet Dreams (or Candy Land). So being the nerdy person I am, I designed my prom outfit after the Arrow, and said, "Prom, you have failed this high-school". (*EDIT, there seems to be many misunderstandings, I didn't actually make the dress, I just came up with the concept of what I wanted it to look like, and then proceeded to find what I needed to execute the vision I had for it, Thank you everyone so very much for all the wonderful and kind comments!!) That's me in the Green dress in the pictures, and then my friend Grace in the top middle, who encouraged me to dress like this (she's also a big fan of the show!), and my friend Ashlyn in the other pictures with me, as The Flash! I got a lot of stares at prom, and then the day after I heard people asking other people if they saw the girl with the hood, and then proceeding to ask who it was! Little did they know that it was me. So a hood really does hide your identity! lol! Look forward to seeing you and everyone else at Dragon Con!"

Amell kindly responded with:

"You got a lot of stares because you both looked tremendous. Great dress. Super creative. xo"

Take that, gossipers! I can guarantee a TV star wasn't complimenting their typical prom dresses. Danielle Taylor, keep being the fierce individual that you are. Your creativity is inspiring.

[Source: Geek Tyrant]


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