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Yesterday news broke that a new Halloween film was officially on the way, now titled Halloween Returns, and horror fans across the internet largely reacted with excitement. However, Michael Myers is not the only horror icon returning to the big screen...

Friday the 13th

A new installment in the Friday the 13th franchise (the 13th installment, counting Freddy vs Jason) is officially on the way, and NOT a found-footage film as previously reported. The new film will be a soft-reboot for the classic character, and not a continuation of the 2009 remake). A new TV show in the vein of Bates Motel is also coming down the pipe in the near future on the CW (reportedly titled Friday the 13th: Crystal Lake Chronicles).

Yeah... maybe don't get too excited about that last part.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre

After the abysmal Texas Chainsaw 3D many fans of the series have sworn off the idea of a new Texas Chainsaw Massacre film, but one's coming anyway. The new film, simply titled Leatherface (also the title of the third film in the series), is planned to be an origin story set in the seventies, but covering Leatherface's teen years (yeah, yeah, I know). Seth M. Sherwood is writing the screenplay.

Child's Play

Unlike the other series on this list, Child's Play's last installment (Curse of Chucky) was actually pretty good. The new film (which isn't titled yet) is being written by series creator Don Mancini as we speak, so if you're a Chucky fan, get excited.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

While it isn't exactly ready to film, a new Nightmare flick has been considered by the studio. Word is that they're waiting to see if the new Friday the 13th will be successful before putting their money into it, even though the 2010 remake was financially successful.


And finally, here's the icon least likely to return sometime soon. Pinhead's next outing, a reboot of the Hellraiser property, hasn't made any movement toward beginning production in a while. Several drafts of a new screenplay (written by series creator Clive Barker himself) have made the rounds at the studio, but it seems that that's as far as the new film has gotten, despite fans demanding a new installment to restore Pinhead to his former glory (before he became a direct-to-DVD darling).


Are you excited?


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