ByBaldwin Collins, writer at
Baldwin Collins

this movie is entertaining. but the Storyline wasn't so plausible, but who cares it's action motivated. samuel l. jackson as the president of the united states of america, is on his usual diplomatic globe trotting journey when his well armed, air force one aerplane comes under attack. It's paramount that the safety of the president's life is secured. And thats what his security detail does, in a desperate move the president (jackson) with only one shoe on his foot , is hurried off in a emergency air-pod.

however the real action doesn't start until the president has landed. air force one has been shot down by terrorists which you the viewer dosn't see , What we do see is the plane come crashing down and the boy who so happen to be on one of his survival training exercise way up in the remote moutains , witnesses the aeroplane come crushing down,

The boy comes across the air-pod, and realizes that somebody is trapped inside, on learning how to open it, he told by the occupier jackson that he's the president of the united states of america.

What makes this movie unique, is the relationship between jacksons character and the boy. they learn that survival of each others life is important especially when you're hunted by terrorists.

However great action movie for this summer, a real must see.


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