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There has been several articles pertaining to this subject but a lot of them have either gotten way ahead of themselves or just don't know Deadpool overly well, though there have been a slim few who have seen the light. As you should know by now, DEADPOOL, is set to release for a Valentine's Day weekend on February 12, 2016 and will Star Ryan Rodney Reynolds as Wade Winston Wilson (Deadpool) and will Co-Star others such as TJ Miller as Jack Hammer or better known as Weasel, Morena Baccarin as Vannesa Carlysle aka the shape shifting mutant (and Deadpool's love interest) Copycat and of Course Ed Skrein as the Infamous Ajax (Francis). There are three other characters cast in Deadpool so far; Negasonic Teenage Warhead, Angel Dust and the X-man Colossus.

Now before I get to what I want from and in the movie I have to point something out to the Internet because they seem to have forgotten this;

The Script!

I have read so much about this movie and it's leaked test footage and everybody is anticipating what's going to happen in the movie but we all forgot something like I stated before; THE SCRIPT WAS LEAKED! Yes back when the Deadpool movie was just Dead the script by Zombieland writer Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick was leaked onto the Internet and IT WAS BEAUTIFUL! Those two minutes we saw in the test footage is from the near beginning to that original script.

Now before you and go and read the script, which I totally encourage you to do, is to keep something in mind; THE SCRIPT HAS BEEN ALTERTED. We already know this by the additional characters cast in the movie so far, they had to change it for a few reasons, it had to fit into the ever expanding X-Men universe and what's the point in making a movie that Millions of people already know exactly what happens. Don't get me wrong I would watch that exact movie until the disc would just keel over and die but they needed to change it a bit, hopefully not too much though.

Now for the fun part: The top 10 things inside and outside of the script that must be in the movie, hopefully the alterations will accommodate some of my needs while keeping others in.

10. "This Sh!t is Bananas!"

obviously we need some kind of nod towards what really jump started the Deadpool movie other than the amazing people who wouldn't let this movie die. Whether it's after that scene its Deadpool saying that this is oddly familiar or Déjà vu or, yeah, Gwen Stafani.

9. "Were you a Fatty... FRANCIS?!

If you understand this ongoing joke between the merc with a mouth and his tormentor Ajax I appluad you. If you do not know what I am talking about pick up the first ever Deadpool annual and educate yourself. Deadpool and Ajax have a very colourful history, Deadpool would poke jokes at Ajax and Ajax would poke needles at Deadpool. The Chemistry between these two characters is amazing, it's the foulest of hatred and its potential on the big screen is so good and the best thing between these two is Deadpool knowing Ajax's name; Francis. Which Ajax absolutely despises!

8. Ajax's Costumes

This may seem so insignificant but it would just show the dire commitment to the comics and how much detail they (fox) are willing to go to in order to make a fan pleasing movie. If you have searched Ajax up on google image, which I'm sure you probably have, you have most likely seen him in his "I SKINNED TITANIUM MAN AND AM OUT FOR REVENGE" robotic suit, which I hope is going to be in the movie but before that Ajax donned a black leotard with a giant letter A on it. I would appreciate to see both in the movie.

7. Killbrew and his Workshop

If you know anything about Deadpool's origin you know about Dr.Killbrew. After Weapon X (litterly) flushed Deadpool down the drain he was sent somewhere much worse... The Workshop, run by none other than Dr.Killbrew. Killbrew poked, prodded and tortured our hero until he finally snapped, he is the reason Deadpool is Deadpool. He has to make at least the briefest of appearances in the movie especially since it's Deadpool's origin story.

6. X-Men Origins: Wolverine

So many people have said it and so many people are right; Deadpool NEEDS to acknowledge and destroy the abomination that was Baraka-Pool. Like seriously! This was the worst thing in cinematic history ever! EVER! It wasn't even played by Ryan Reynolds! I hold Gavin Hood responsible. But we do need a reference and low and behold that reference was in the Script in the form of an X-Men Origins: Wolverine Baraka-Pool toy. Read the script, find the reference.

5. Blind Al

Deadpool's captive, moral compass, roommate, friend and mother figure. Blind Al is essential to this movie and to Deadpool as a character Al has my second favourite chemistry with Deadpool ever only coming after Deadpool and Cable. Al was a huge character in the original script and if you have seen the casting list for Deadpool it seems as though she was maintained in the alterations but don't be surprised (and especially not upset) if Blind Al is race changed.

4. Roombas and IKEA Furniture

If you are still scratching your heads, please for the love of God read the script! This is one of the funniest, if not thee funniest, joke in the script. Deadpool has made some living arrangements with Al being that she has to assemble all of the furniture and every time she is seen building the furniture unknowingly to her the Roomba drives by and sucks up some nuts and bolts resulting in faulty furniture all around the house.

3. The Striker!

No not Stryker. I mean a military shotgun. Near the end of the movie Deadpool goes on a complete rampage! One of the parts in that gorgeous action Scene is when the merc with a mouth uses a shotgun to repeatedly flip a jeep into a horde of oncoming enemies.

2. 18 Bullets

Probably my favourite part in the whole movie is at the beginning where Deadpool takes on a whole lot of thugs on the free way with 9 bullets in each of his pistols. Every time he shoots he makes it count and as the shell flies from the gun time slows down and the camera zooms in on the shell to show you the number engraved on the bottom. This just shows how much of a Badass mercenary Deadpool is, because he is an expert assassin beyond his goofball exterior.

1. Angel of the Morning

It doesn't matter what you think or say, this song is the theme song to the Deadpool movie, this song just amplifies everything Deadpool. It's by far the only song that can introduce our hero onto the big screen. This isn't a want, it is a necessity. This is song, can and will outdo Guardians of the Galaxy's Chris Pratt's introduction with come and get your love.

That is all folks! Thank you for reading! Hopefully you agree with me and love Deadpool as much as I do. Please let me know in the comments below!


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