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Now, this is just a theory, don't yell at me! It's just a thought!

WARNING- possible spoilers

Okay, so, the Dudleys never let Harry do ANYTHING! He was locked in a closet under the stairs. So, what would Harry do for fun?!?!? Well, he used the "magical" abilities of his mind! He didn't have any friends, so, the Dudleys probably didn't even send him into whatever school system was available. Now, think of it like that, you are stuck inside with nothing to do, you might start to go delusional, or maybe, just maybe, Harry was born with a mental illness and that's why they kept him locked up, maybe the Dudleys were really nurses in a nut house! Well, that isn't what we are here to talk about, what we really want to think about is Hogwarts and his time there. I think, that no matter what caused it to happen, Harry sees the world differently than others, he uses his imagination to make life a little bit less dreary.

Hogwarts, was probably is house when they finally began letting him out of the closet a bit more he was really excited to explore it! The "moving staircases" came about because he was rally confused. How was he suppose to know where to go when he wasn't allowed up there until now?

What about His adventures?

Well, I'm sure I'm not the only person who noticed that throughout the adventures they got further from Hogwarts! Wait, you didn't notice?

Sorcerers Stone- They just found him somewhere in Hogwarts! He was still in the house.

Chamber of Secrets- This one is easy, the basement!

Azkaban? That sounds a bit like Highland. Did Harry go to far this time?

Goblet of Fire- WOW! They let Harry go to a Summer camp!

Order of Phoenix- Harry had to go to a meeting, he met some people that were nice to him there. Of course his "friends" (I will explain more later) were there.

Half Blood Prince- Well, he went into town.

Deathly Hallows- By this point he is practically an adult and he has already ran away from home.

His Friends?

SO, you had imaginary friends right? So, did I, and SO DID HARRY! Now, don't gt me wrong, they could of been real people, but i doubt it, Harry probably made up all of the main characters. The people that only show up a few times? They are probably people he saw on the streets, therapists, ect.

I'm sorry guys but.... Dobby. He wasn't even real! So, he didn't even die! Too soon? Oh, who am I kidding, it will ALWAYS be too soon. :(


What Do You Think?

I guess I'm going to end on that. Any questions? Just ask! Is there anything else I need to explain to make this theory work? Anything that would prove this false? Tell me in the comments!


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