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Two rebels attempt to restore order in a world which has gone mad and has left Earth a dry, desert landscape.


Tom Hardy - Max Rockatansky

Charlize Theron - Imperator Furiosa

Nicholas Holt - Nux


Back in 1979 George Miller released his action film Mad Max beginning a franchise that was to take the cult movie scene by storm. Two sequels were spawned, both being released in the 1980's and saw actor Mel Gibson return to the leading role of Max Rockatansky. Now in 2015 a fourth installment, Mad Max: Fury Road, has been finally released after various production attempts and issues. Creator Miller is back in the driving seat, but this time he has the talented English actor Tom Hardy as the protagonist, a man whose filmography ranges from being Bane in The Dark Knight Rises to playing both Kray twins in upcoming film Legend making him appear to be the clear solution to the sizeable hole left by Gibson's departure. I have never seen any of the old Max Max films and know very little about the franchise, but it is safe to say that if they are as good as Fury Road then I am in for a treat when I come round to watching them. A non-stop rollercoaster ride which throws you straight into the heart of the action from the word go and never lets you rest, it really will blow your socks off!

From the very opening of the film you know you are in for an experience that will be unlike anything you have seen on the big screen before. From the word go our ears are blasted off by the sound of revving V8 engines, our eyes are burned by fire and flames and our hearts beat fast as we thrown right into the centre of the action. Fury Road is very stylistic ensuring that it is not a film, but an experience that overwhelms all the senses. The cinematography is completely absorbing with a stark contrast between light and dark making the images on the screen even more stunning. Desert landscapes and sandstorms are the settings for this film, ensuring that the cinematography will be as bold and as brash as the hero of the film. All aspects of Fury Road are designed with much care and attention, with every detail perfected and fitting in with Miller's dystopian, hellish vision. Accompanying these dramatic landscapes are the sounds of revving engines and heavy metal guitar riffs which provide a thumping soundtrack to an all-action rollercoaster. Every beat is impeccably well-timed with every punch, kick and crash, ensuring our hearts thud harder with the action.

Although style is crucial to the film the story and the characters have to work too, and thankfully they do. Mad Max: Fury Road is unapologetically a full-throttle, all ablaze, full-on action rollercoaster. From the opening scene which sees Hardy on the run we are not given a second to breathe and your blood will be pumping through your veins even hours after the film has finished. Perhaps the best action film our screens have seen for some years now, it also has a heart to it to ensure that we actually care about the results of the violence on screen. This heart lies with Charlize Theron's character Imperator Furiosa and her mission to save the Five Wives, find the Green Place and overthrow a cruel dictatorship. Tom Hardy gives a spectacular performance as the quiet Max, a man who exerts power and presence without the need for words or motion. The glimpses we get of his past and nightmares enables us to connect with him as we are reminded that he is merely human. However, Theron is at the heart of the film with her rebellious Furiosa, a character who covers up her internal struggles and vulnerability with brawn, courage and guts. The film is packed with interesting characters, from Hoult's complicated Nux to Hardy's enigmatic Max, but Theron's mysterious Furiosa stands out. An effortless performance from the Oscar-winning actress, Theron's Furiosa reminds us that the people in this film are human with basic desires from water to love. The story really centres on her search for humanity, and the emotion that it builds drives the film as much as the engines.

With new technology on hand, Miller's dystopian visions have been brought beautifully to life on the big screen in an incredible return for the Mad Max franchise. Hardy fits into the leading role perfectly with his strong presence and enigmatic character, but it is Theron's show through and through. Full-blown action sequences will take your breath away and with unreal tension you will be left teetering on the edge of your seat. It is not just an action film though, with the story being driven by a human heart not machine guns. An experience not just a film, see this on the big screen.


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