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Hi my name is Matthew Brady and I'm a movie reviewer.

John Carter and Tomorrowland made more money then this movie, that's a new low.

Okay the reason why I reviewing this masterpiece of shit is because I got a upcoming review of I Saw the Devil which may come out tomorrow or the day after, and I want to save enough energy that I got to review it as it is one of the best movies of 2010. But here is something that's easy to tear a part.

People are saying that this movie was Uwe Boll level, I mean look at the rating on IMDB it's got a 2.0/10 as I'm specking, but if you compare this movie to a Uwe Boll movie, United Passions is the best thing ever made. At least United Passions as a great looking and good costume design were Uwe Boll doesn't even try at all, I mean he's like the Hitler of cinema.

But all that side United Passions isn't all that good. The movie has that cheap looking straight to DVD movie look to it which didn't help the movie sell itself to people. The movie isn't all that interesting, I think I looked around my room of boredom just by watching this movie trying to look around to see what's interesting.

Overall United Passions could have been somewhat good, but it didn't and I'm going to forget this movie and the end of the year.


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