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Have you heard about the Netflix series - Sense8? It's a surprisingly well written show, extremely entertaining show. This series was created by J. Michael Straczynski and the Wachowskis (better known for the Matrix series). I was completely taken aback as to how the show's premise and storylines were implemented. In short, it was great well done.

The series focuses on eight characters that have all awakened an ability to tap into each other's feelings, thoughts and sometimes their actions. The way this comes about is explained throughout the season, but is not the main focus of what occurs. More than likely, if the series is picked up for additional season, then the viewer will probably get more incite as to the origin of the 'Sensates' and their kind.

The bigger development is the characters and their links towards each other and how they interact. The character Wolfgang, who lives in Germany, has issues with his family to the point that we find he is not only a master thief, but also at war with others in his clan. Kala, the Indian pharmacist is about to enter into a marriage that may not be as perfect as everyone around her thinks that it is. At first the characters all know something is different from the way they were before their new 'births' but they cannot explain it. It seems to be a something that they cannot explain but gradually begin to accept and even utilize in their lives. Sun is an incredible kick boxing fighter and her skills are definitely utilized many times in the series to protect the physically weaker individuals that she is linked to.

The uniqueness of the series is something refreshing that the sci-fi world does not get as often as we should. This series explores the the transcendence of human beings that supersedes nationality, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation. The group dynamic of the eight individuals begin to work in unison to protect each other. Their respective lives are all impacted from each of their individual worlds.

This scene was intense!
This scene was intense!

The sexual aspect cannot be ignored either. Personally, I enjoyed that not only is one of the characters a gay man in a relationship, but another character, Nomi, is a trans lesbian woman. There is a scene that took place with several 'heterosexual' characters that was complete unexpected. As a gay myself, I thought it was great and very progressive. And I will not lie, it was also very hot. This type of scene has been done before in other sci-fi films or shows, but generally involves more woman than males. But what I enjoyed the most is that it showed that the characters sexuality was not something that needed to be feared or even considered to be an issue. The characters are above that.

The down side is that not all of the characters are explored as much as we could have seen. Some characters' lives are given more focus than others, but with a second season, there is hope that these other characters will be given more of a chance to take the attention of the viewer. Capheus was probably the most genuinely optimistic positive character of the show, but it felt that he did not get enough screen time. Same can be said with Sun, who is unmistakably the badass fighter of the show. Her story has so much more to it that was barely touched on in this season.

Also, many of the mysteries of the show are not explained. More than likely, the show creators, Straczynski and the Wachowskis wanted multiple seasons to fully explain what is happening for the protagonists. Right now, nothing is confirmed. The big bad, Whispers, is barely seen and even though his appearances are menacing, I felt a gap missing from what he an episode explaining his purpose could have been.

I have to say, Sense8 was a wonderful surprise. I hope that the series does continue on and I really hope that all of the cast returns for at least the next season. And a side note, I am one of those people that want the bad guys to get their comeuppance, and I want the villain, Whispers, to get his comeuppance. Maybe we will get it. But in any event, what did you think of the show? You should watch it if you haven't seen it yet.

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