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I've always been a big fan of tattoos. Whether they be an intricate design, traditional Sailor Jerry, or simple text, tattoos are a form of art and expression that date back thousands of years. It should be no surprise that tattoos are worn boldly and proudly by some of the world's biggest stars.

Not everyone can pull off a face tattoo like Mike Tyson and choose to be more discreet with their tats. Whether they are on an unexpected person or an unexpected design, here are 12 celebrity tattoos that might surprise you!

1. Helen Mirren

I was surprised to learn that the gorgeous Dame Helen Mirren has a small tattoo on her left hand. The old trick of hiding in plain sight, eh? The interlocking "V's" are supposed to represent 'love thy neighbor' and stands as a reminder of the importance of tolerance.

2. Amanda Seyfried

Yes, Amanda Seyfried of Mean Girls fame has the word 'minge' written on her foot! Apparently, it's an inside joke inspired by her Mamma Mia co-star Colin Firth, who would say the somewhat inappropriate word on set. In an interview with Glamour magazine the actress said, "So it's on my foot. It's to make me laugh, and every time I look at it I do." If that's what she was going for - it certainly worked for me, too! Seyfried's surprising tattoo definitely had me giggling, in a good way.

3. Ryan Cabrera

Ryans of a feather flock together, right? For Ryan Cabrera, this meant getting a tattoo of Ryan Gosling's silhouetted face on his calf. Though one of many tattoos on Cabrera's body, this one was acquired after a game of "tattoo roulette." Even if it started out as a game between Cabrera and his friends, he ended up with a sweet tattoo of his man-crush! I'd say that's a pretty sweet deal.

4. Hayden Panettiere

Although Hayden Panettiere's tattoo was beautiful and was very meaningful to her, it was one that was sadly, and famously, misspelled. What was supposed to say “live without regrets” in Italian (Vivere senza rimpianti) was actually spelled Vivere senza rimipianti by mistake. The irony is clear and Panettiere is aware of it. She once told Glamour, “It’s misspelled too,” she said. “So I literally have to live by that advice!”

5. Scarlett Johansson

This might not be a shock to everyone, but I had no idea Scarlett Johansson was so tatted! Not to mention it's surprising that Black Widow would don such a colorful tattoo. Also during an appearance on Jimmy Fallon earlier this year, the Avengers star showed just enough skin to give us a peek at what looks like a pretty large rib piece. Even though we just have a glimpse, this black and white number looks great!

6. Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba is no stranger to getting tattoos removed, but from my very limited knowledge the model, actress, businesswoman, and mother is still rocking this adorable tattoo. Not everyone can rock something called a "tramp stamp," but if anyone could it'd be Jessica Alba and her cute little lower back bow.

7. Julia Roberts

Another surprising actress that joined the lower back tattoo club is none other than Oscar-winner Julia Roberts. Her tattoo is of the names of her three children: Hazel, Phinnaeus, and Henry - which I think is quite sweet. I'm not sure what's in the middle there, anyone have any ideas?

8. Jackson Rathbone

Another man familiar with ink, Twilight's Jackson Rathbone decided to commemorate his love of Heinz Ketchup by, well, getting a giant tattoo of it! True love never fades, people.

9. Charlize Theron

Mad Max: Fury Road star Charlize Theron is not only a total bombshell, but also a complete badass. If her role of Imperator Furiosa wasn't enough to prove that to you, maybe her subtle ink will do the trick. The Oscar-winner has two tattoos, a fish and a small flower.

10. Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting

From what I can tell, Kaley Cuoco-Sweeting has at least three tattoos these days, one on her neck of the Roman numerals of her wedding date and another mystery tattoo on her ribcage. Probably most surprising is the Chinese characters that read "faith" which she got when she was just 17.

11. Cheryl Cole

What was once a completely different back tattoo on Cheryl Cole turned into a massive cover-up piece. The English recording artist's rose tattoo is actually a cover-up of another tattoo that she had been reworking for years. Cole reportedly told Mirror, "It was really painful but I think I'm done with tattoos now. It wasn't for any particular reason, I just liked the design. It took 15 hours in total." Sitting through 15 hours of pain shows some serious dedication to art, that's for sure.

12. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck, actor, director, father, humanitarian, has a number of tattoos, but most surprising is probably this little dolphin on his lower back. Apparently this piece was done to cover up the name of his high school girlfriend. Hey, we all make mistakes, but dolphins never go out of style. Maybe Ben should have given Aquaman a shot instead of Batman.

In the end, tattoos are a beautiful art form and a great way of expressing yourself. While I might have far too low of a pain tolerance to sit through 15 hours in a tattoo chair, I still admire each of these actor's dedication! Which of these tattoos is your favorite? Let me know in the comments section!


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