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You may not know this, but a lot of famous people have siblings who aren't celebrities. Wow, what a thought! Not being famous is something that these celebs could never imagine, but that obviously doesn't mean they don't have brothers and sisters who are just that; regular ol' Janes and Joes. And like all siblings, they often have rivalries to see who is most successful.

Peep these 15 siblings of celebrities with normal-ish lives who've been successful in their own right:

1. James Redmayne (Eddie Redmayne's bro)

The chap on the left is Eddie's older brother James, a bank director. The family is certainly upper class, but it's still impressive that he got a Master's Degree in Engineering from Oxford prior to embarking on a super lucrative career in finance.

2. Tom Redmayne (Eddie Redmayne's other bro)

Continuing the trend of successful Redmayne boys, Eddie's younger brother Tom (left) is doing well in his own right. He is an Assistant Surveyor at Cushman & Wakefield, a commercial real estate services company in London. Cool to see a grounded family of well-off Brits.

3. Frankie James Grande (Ariana Grande's half-bro)

I wasn't sure if putting him on the list was a good call since he technically is semi-famous for being a contestant on Big Brother. The two are only half-siblings too, but they are super close and often interact on social media. They've also got the same eyes.

4. Alex Watson (Emma Watson's bro)

This dude looks exactly like Emma and he's a model. Does that surprise you? Because it didn't surprise me. What a blessed gene pool.

5. Louise Adams (Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham's sis)

Posh's younger sister (to the left) is a bad gal in her own way. She may not be married to David Beckham, but she runs a high-end fashion store called "The Closet." I wonder where she got her fashion sense from? Jkjk.

6. Doug Pitt (Brad Pitt's bro)

Doug Pitt may not be anywhere near as famous as his brother Brad, but he's still a pretty chill dude overall. He runs a family computer business and he was in an ad for Australian cell phones that went viral in the US. Seems legit enough for me.

7. Kidada Jones (Rashida Jones' sis)

So, finding out that Rashida Jones has a gorgeous sister isn't that surprising really, to be honest. But finding out that she has a gorgeous and talented sister is truly amazing. She's older and has done a little bit of acting herself, but she's best known for her work as a fashion designer – most notably, "Kidada for Disney Couture."

8. James Grint (Rupert Grint's bro)

If you told me the actor who most famously played Ron Weasley had a younger brother who was rising in the racing ranks as a professional race car driver, I would be confused. But after thinking about how incredibly awesome that family must be, I would quickly realize, "Yes... yes, that makes a lot of sense."

9. Antonia Kidman (Nicole Kidman's sis)

Stunningly attractive, just like Nicole, Antonia Kidman hasn't let her sister's A-List status put a damper on her own dreams. She's an Australian journalist and doing well, too!

10. Lynda Lopez (Jennifer Lopez's sis)

It's unfair that this talented family gets to exist. This is yet another borderline famous one... If you live in New York or New Jersey, you may recognize Lynda Lopez from local radio and TV broadcasts on "Good Day New York" and "Fox 5 Live."

11. Lee Anne DeVette (Tom Cruise's sis)

Tom's sister, also a Scientologist, is his publicist. If you know Hollywood PR, you know that's no easy job, especially for a star the size of Tom. Keeping it in the family is pretty commendable on Tom's part too, I gotta say.

12. Natasha Law (Jude Law's sis)

Natasha also had an interest in acting, growing up with Jude. Instead, when she grew up, she became a fashion illustrator and artist and has made a solid career out of it.

13. Claudine Farrell (Colin Farrell's sis)

Another example of Hollywood stars wanting to make sure that they keep things in the family, Claudine is Colin's personal assistant. The two are also both beautiful people, clearly.

14. Lizzy and Victoria Pattinson (Robert Pattinson's sisters)

Lizzie and Victoria are Robert's two older sisters. Lizzie actually went ahead and laid down some vocals on the Twilight soundtrack. Victoria is a strong businesswoman.

15. Griffin Steinfeld (Hailee Steinfeld's bro)

Griffin Steinfeld is a NASCAR driver. He started tearing it up on the race track at the tender age of 8. I don't know exactly how that works, but I think it's one of those situations where all I can really say is "more power to him." Awesome stuff.

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