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As the release of [Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice](tag:711870) slowly approaches, some promotional materials have eked out just enough to whet our appetites for more from DC. Between the teaser trailer and most of the stills, we've gotten a somewhat solid impression of the latest incarnations of Batman and Superman, but there is one key member who we're still clamoring to get more of the limelight.

That icon is, of course, Wonder Woman, and this upcoming film will most likely be a major turning point for the character, at least in terms of contemporary representation.

Before we get ahead of ourselves with too much forward-thinking, though, let's take a look at the latest promo art that places Wonder Woman squarely in the center. From Heroic Hollywood, these stylized illustrations give us an idea of what Diana of Themyscira will be like onscreen.

Taking the spotlight

As the boys battle in the background, it looks like Wonder Woman is staying on task. Some early speculation suggests that she'll fit a major role in this epic battle, and she certainly looks ready for whatever is coming her way here.

It may not be Gal Gadot in the flesh, but it's still refreshing to get a badass taste of the warrior we can expect.

What's on your mind?

Here's further potential evidence that Wonder Woman will be functioning as the necessary mediator in this fight. While Batman and Superman are consumed with thoughts of each other (as represented by opposite silhouettes inside their respective profiles), Wonder Woman stands dead in the middle, ready to strike.

All in all, we may not know much about Diana's role yet, but if this promo art is any indicator, she won't be relegated to the background. Let's hope that's still the case when March 25, 2016 finally rolls around.

(Source: Heroic Hollywood)


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