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Greetings, everyone! :) I know there are many of us who love binge watching series and around this time we will look for any opportunity to get out of studying! ;) Well, here is a nice excuse: There are two new series, the one is called "Humans" and the other one is called "Wayward Pines".

Wayward Pines:

Wayward Pines starts off with an investigator that goes looking for his partner that disappears, in this process he is in an accident. He wakes up in the hospital of Wayward Pines that at first seems like an ordinary town but turns out to be very strange. He tries to contact family but the phones do not connect outside Wayward Pines. He tries to leave but soon discovers that no one is allowed to leave Wayward Pines.

The story develops more and more and the truth is revealed slowly and proves to be a very interesting concept. The series is directed by M. Night Shyamalan , who is famously known for the film " Sixth Sense". The series is definitely worth a try, I think it is showing on Fox Entertainment otherwise you can watch it on couch tuner.


Humans is about a parallel present in which almost everyone has a "synth" , which is basically a very human like robot. These "synths" make life a lot easier for many people although you can't help but wonder if they are capable of having their own ideas and some of them do seem too human.

So far i have only seen the first episode but from what I have seen it looks like it could be very entertaining and interesting. For those who read my last article on " Utopia" (Its amazing, go watch it! :) ), Pietre/Arby is in Humans, although so far only a small part. Also the Doctor who was black mailing Becky is in it, and apparently one of the producers of utopia is also working on Humans. This one is on channel 4 or you can watch it on couchtuner. :)

Hope you like my suggestions, enjoy! :)


Are you going to try Wayward Pines or Humans?


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