ByDerrick Sharpley, writer at

DEADPOOL!!! know he has no moral code!!!He's all about the Death kill man!!!Forget screwing around in a fist fight The Pool would get Kryptonite EVERYTHING!He would probibly find out about Louis Lane & Jimmy Olsen..heck he just shot Spiderman vs fighting him...After all he did kill the whole marvel universe.HULK Dr.Strange for 1??Super Man can't stop Magic,especially given time to prepare for the battle.Strange could cast any spell to protect himself and literally knock the kryptonian out!Eternity,Death,Inbetweener,The Beyonder???Any of the Cosmic Beings...helloooo they can all alter reality & molecules???Sups is a dense alien???But he's still based in the laws of physics..even the molecule man would kick his kester!!!Nooo Sups is the 1st original flying man.. but by being the 1st many of Marvels Cosmic Force Entities have improved upon his the Phoenix Force devouring stars..Super man is powerless without the sun.hence why all these Cosmic Power beings even there Hearlds..who can block out the sun,turn it red or devour it completely would beat old red shorts.Not a good day for The Boy Scout taking on Marvel.Thats why even under the corporate Domination of Micky??Make mine Marvel!!!*nods*


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