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So me and my brother got to talking the other day, discussing how old school cartoons were so epicly amazing that its hard not to miss them. We got to talking about Ninja Robots, Swat Cats, Centurions etc. when suddenly we stumbled upon Jonny Quest. I mean come on, how can you forget the virtual world and a world where this kid practically kicks butt.

So we got to talking about it, reminiscing the old times and ended up where every fandom related conversations generally ends up. "What if they made a live action movie?"

I'm sure there are so many others out there who have been craving for a live action movie of one of our most favorite childhood cartoons. (I'm 25, just so ya know). So then we started talking about the fact that due to the immense amount of advancements in CGI and stuff, this would indeed be one hell of an idea.

Y'all must have guessed what came next. *Drumroll*

Wait for it....

Fan casting of course.

Below is what we decided on.

Zac Effron as Jonny Quest.

Karen Gillan as Jessi Bannon.

Dev Patel as Hadji.

Dwayne Johnson as Race Bannon.

Ewan Mcgreggor as Dr. Quest.

And now for a couple of the most famous villains.

Ken Watanabe as Dr. Zin.

And Finally...

John Hurt as Jeremiah Surd.

So its not the most perfect fan casting ever but its just what i saw fit.

So lemme know what you guys think about it and also tell me what would be your choices?


Ok guys so I have a major update for you. I might be late but here it goes!!!



Robert Rodriguez has been signed on to direct a live action version of "Jonny Quest!!!!!"

That's Right!!!

Let that sink in!



Should They Make A Live Action Jonny Quest Movie?


Do you think Robert Rodriguez is the right person for a Jonny Quest live action?


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