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Batman.... with a lightsaber....
Marc Hill

There are thousands of worlds millions of planets. The Reapers must harvest, and any one group would not be able to stand alone against them. The Sith Empire fueled by aggression and hate find themselves in the role of protectors and saviors once the Reapers annihilate the Republic. On a small world where magic exists and is as powerful as any tech, the warrior race of Melnoboneans have fought the Reaper ground forces to a near standstill bolstered by the presence of Elric with the Black Blade Stormbringer, and his army of dragons.


The Sith Empire has more firepower than can be counted, they are a force unto themselves, and if anyone will conquer the galaxy, it will be them, led by the mysterious and powerful Sith who have harnessed the power of the Force.


Casualties are heavy, when the Reapers land and attempt to take Melnibone, they do not get to the gates before the Sith show up and attack. The might of hundreds of thousands of Star Destroyers begin to wear the Reapers down and they recall all other Reapers from the far corners of the galaxy. Meanwhile The Melnibone army and the Sith warriors as well as the stormtroopers fighting on the ground, the ground becomes saturated with blood and corpses.

The Survivor

Elric aided by the power of Stormbringer can not be defeated, each Reaper he kills grants him strength exponentially from the souls he reaps. The war ends with the planet almost in ruins and what is left of the Sith go to root out whatever remains of the Reaper forces to annihilate them once and for all. No one wins, the Dreaming City is destroyed by aerial bombardment, the last of the dragons are destroyed by the Reapers, and Elric stands alone among the destruction.


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