ByLaurie Lynn, writer at

If I remember correctly, Brandon Lee was still relatively "unknown" in Hollywood at the time. He's done some films, but nothing really major. The Crow was going to be his break as a lead character. So I feel it would be fitting for the role to go to someone like that. For the role of Eric Draven, I would choose Brock O'Hurn. A fitness trainer out of LA, I believe he'd possess the physical skill for the role. He's attractive and could easily project the gothy, grunge style that Draven had. His long mane of hair would add to this role as it is his trademark and would open another dimension of physicality to the role... Can he act? That I don't know. I don't know the man personally. I do follow him on FB and Instagram and I believe him to possess the Crow spirit. Check him out.


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