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We all remember the pressure we felt when we had to place our votes for "Most Likely to Succeed," "Class Clown," and so forth. While some people campaigned with the intention to win, others couldn't care less.

I personally was voted "Most Likely to Be Famous" in both middle school and high school. So far I'm a huge disappointment, so I haven't exactly fulfilled my prophecy. Hopefully something changes in the future. If not, oops.

Some celebrities lived up to expectations, and others proved their titles wrong. Can you guess which celebrity was voted for which category? Some of these may surprise you!

1. Tom Cruise


What was Tom Cruise voted for?

Answer: "Least Likely to Succeed!"

2. Brad Pitt


What was Brad Pitt voted for?

Answer: "Best Dressed!"

3. Kim Kardashian


What was Kim Kardashian voted for?

Answer: "Most Likely to Meet Her Husband at the Million Man March" and "Most Likely to Lie About Her Ethnicity!"

4. Michael Jackson


What was Michael Jackson voted for?

Answer: "Shyest," "Most Creative," "Best Dressed!"

5. Sylvester Stallone


What was Sylvester Stallone voted for?

Answer: "Most Likely to End Up in the Electric Chair!"

6. Sandra Bullock


What was Sandra Bullock voted for?

Answer: "Most Likely to Brighten Your Day!"

7. Robin Williams


What was Robin Williams voted for?

Answer: "Least Likely to Succeed" and "Most Humorous!"

8. Missy Elliott


What was Missy Elliott voted for?

Answer: "Class Clown!"

9. Bruce Willis


What was Bruce Willis voted for?

Answer: "Most School Spirit!"

10. Blake Lively


What was Blake Lively voted for?

Answer: "Class Clown!"

11. Oprah Winfrey


What was Oprah Winfrey voted for?

Answer: "Most Popular!"

12. Eddie Murphy


What was Eddie Murphy voted for?

Answer: "Most Popular!"

13. Amy Schumer


What was Amy Schumer voted for?

Answer: "Class Comedian!"

Some lived up to expectations, while others were able to prove their classmates wrong.

I kind of wish I was voted for "Most Likely to Eat Pizza and Watch Netflix on the Regular," or "Most Likely to Own a Chinchilla." If I had been, then I wouldn't be disappointing anyone... and I could watch Netflix and eat pizza topped with veggies for days, of course.

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