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These 15 successful movie stars are all familiar faces, but have you heard their music projects? Some have dabbled with music, others make professional music along-side their acting careers. Take a look at this list, which may surprise you:

1) Keanu Reeves

Keanu Reeves is widely known for his roles in Point Break and the Sci-fi Action film The Matrix. But did you know that this super famous actor once had his own band called Dogstar? Keanu was the bass player. The band has two studio albums, the first one was released in 1996 called Our Little Visionary, followed by Happy Ending in 2000. Dogstar opened for David Bowie and Bon Jovi, along with playing Glastonbury Festival. This band also helped Weezer and Rancid kickstart their careers by having them open for them. Unfortunately, the band parted ways in 2002 because of Keanu's busy schedule, but you can have a listen to the alt-rock band here:

2) Kevin Bacon


Kevin Bacon is the diverse actor known for his roles in Footloose, X-Men and more recently for the on-going crime television series The Following. Along side his film and television career, Kevin also has a band with his brother Michael. The folk-rock band officially formed in 1995 but they've been playing since they were kids. They have tour dates running until August across the USA so if you are a fan of Kevin Bacon be sure to check them out.

Let me introduce you to The Bacon Brothers:

3) Russell Crowe

If you have seen Gladiator, Les Misrables, L.A Confidential then you will know who Russell Crowe is. This actor has racked up countless achievements and has cemented himself as one of the most sought after actors in Hollywood. But, did you know that this actor was also in an Australian rock band? They even had a sell out tour! The band now seems to have dissolved, but maybe they will be resurrected someday...

Take a look at his band 30 Odd Foot Of Grunts:

4) Zooey Deschanel

Zooey Deschanel is someone who was born into a showbizz family and she has really made a name for herself with her acting career. Her first on screen film role was Mumford, but it was the film Almost Famous which gave Zooey a huge break in Hollywood. She is known for her roles in Yes Man and 500 days of Summer. But have you heard her incredible singing voice? During the filming of Go Getter, a film which Zooey stars in, she met Matthew Ward and the band She & Him found its beginning. The band has been active since 2006 and are an indie pop-rock band with a vintage sounding twist.

Take a listen:

5) Gwyneth Paltrow

Gwyneth Paltrow has starred in heaps of films but she is most known for her roles in se7en, Iron Man and taking lead in the film Emma. Gwyneth is an actress who's career is constantly getting stronger. She was previously married to Chris Martin the singer of Coldplay, but did you know that this stunning actress is has also tried her hand at being a country singer? She definitely sounds like a natural here...

6) Jack Black

Perhaps, this actor will not surprise you so much. Jack black is known for his lead roles in Kung Fu Panda, King Kong and School Of Rock. After his performance in School Of Rock you can probably imagine that this guy is a rock and roll star and has his own band called Tenacious D. They are a comedy-rock band.

Check out their insane video for the song Tribute:

7) Juliette Lewis

Juliette Lewis is one of Hollywood's most versatile actresses, this lady really has talent and has proved this through her acting skills. You may have seen her in From Dusk Till Dawn, Natural Born Killer, or maybe even What's Eating Gilbert Grape, this film was also one of Leonardo DiCaprio's first film roles. Along side being an awesome actress on-screen, Juliette is also a badass front woman of the rock and roll band 'Juliette & The Licks,' she is known for her wild outfits and outrageous performances on stage.

Here are Juliette & The Licks:

8) Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez is mostly known as being a singer, but did you know that she has also been acting since 1986? She is known for her acting roles in Maid in Manhattan, Out Of Sight, and appeared in 61 episodes of the 1991 TV series: In Living Color.

But you probably know her most for this song.. Throwback alert:

8 ) Jared Leto

Jared Leto began acting in 1992 after moving to Los Angeles, after a few minor roles he found his first break in 1994 in a well-received ABC drama called My So-Called Life. His acting career was very up and down but luckily he found another place to be able to create, this was in his band 30 Seconds To Mars, which formed in 1998. The alternative-rock band still play and are huge, selling out shows and festivals. Luckily Jared's Leto's acting career picked up and he has landed himself loads of notable acting roles, some of these include Requiem for a Dream, Mr. Nobody and Dallas Buyers Club. He now does both acting and music full time.

Here are the amazingly energetic 30 Seconds To Mars:

9) Bruce Willis

Bruce Willis is known for the tough characters he portrays, often appearing in action-movies. His acting roles have won him one Golden Globe award and he is one of the most hard working actors always taking on new roles, never taking a break. He is known for starring in The Sixth Sense, Die Hard and The Fifth Element, but have you heard his blues band?

Look at him go:

10) Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson has been acting since 2004, but it was the Twilight films that really saw his career rocket to a whole new level. He was given a lead role as the vampire Edward Cullen, acting alongside Kristen Stewart; this role really threw him into the limelight. But along side his acting, Robert is quite the talented singer, fans of Twilight will know that he sings on the sound track. He plays the guitar and piano, and composes his own music.

Take a listen to him singing and see what you think:

11) Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling began his career as a young child on The Mickey Mouse Club and has gone on to be very successful in his acting career. He is known for his roles in Crazy Stupid Love, Drive and The Ides Of March. Ryan has also dabbled with screen writing and directing , when he's not working on the silver screen he is making music. His band is called Dead Man's Bones and are a rock-duo from Los Angeles, their debut album was released in 2009 and the band still plays shows.

Have a listen:

12. Eddie Murphy

Is there anything Eddie Murphy can't do? Eddie Murphy is a comedian, a successful actor, a writer, a singer, and a director. To the generation today his most notable role is probably playing that hilarious little Donkey in Shrek. But, he has also starred in a bunch of other films including Beverly Hills Cop, Norbit, and The Haunted Mansion. Alongside his acting, Eddie Murphy has also had a music career releasing five albums. The song 'Party all the time' landed itself second place in the USA charts and was temporarily a world wide hit.

Check out the video here. Throwback to the '80s:

13. Billie Bob Thornton

Billie Bob Thornton is a multi-talented guy. He writes, works as a director and also acts. This dude has also won one Oscar and loves to create, and has won 33 other awards throughout his career. He is known for his work on Sling Blade, Armageddon, A Simple Plan and guest appearing on TV shows. Billy Bob Thornton has had a life long love for music and in 2014 his band The Boxmasters signed to a Nashville record label.

"I was playing in bands since the time I was a kid. If somehow, in 1981, when I started as an actor in L.A., if I had fallen on my ass doing that, and then somehow got a record deal, I'd be putting up with the same thing in the opposite direction," He told Rolling stone magazine. "If you want to talk about paying my dues, it's all I ever did. I wasn't in theater. I was only in music."

Listen here to Billy Bob Thornton singing some country music:

14. Macaulay Culkin

Macaulay Culkin has been in the spot light all of his life, starting out as a child actor with Home Alone, which rocketed his career to new heights and threw him in the spotlight. You may also know him from Richie Rich, Party Monster and My Girl. But, have you seen his pizza-infused rock band? The band are called The Pizza Underground and have been around since 2013, and have toured a little too. they are a comedy-rock band that mainly parody songs by The Velvet Underground.

Does this sound appetizing or disgusting to you? Even if you don't like the song, the video is hilarious. Enjoy:

15. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp's acting career is extensive and Johnny Depp is one of the most versatile actors of this day and age. He has taken on a whole variety of characters throughout his acting career and made them believable. Johnny is known for his extensive work with Film Director Tim Burton starring in Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd and the more recent Alice in Wonderland. Other notable films include Pirates Of The Caribbean, Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas and Cry-Baby. But did you know that Johnny Depp also plays music too? He had a short lived group called Butthole Surfers in early 1993. Despite not having a band, Johnny has still managed to play with a whole variety of artists in recent years including, Paul McCartney, Marilyn Manson, Billy Gibbons.

Earlier this year it was announced that Johnny would be joining The Hollywood Vampires, a supergroup which started in the 1970s. The group will now feature Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, Aerosmith's Joe Perry and Paul McCartney.

Take a look at Johnny Depp rocking out on stage with Alice Cooper:


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