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The idea of rebooting movies isn't an original one, filmmakers have been subtly reworking original ideas into something new for decades now. But with the incredible amount of original scripts lying on executive desks, is cashing in on the nostalgia of reworking a classic IP really worth all the fuss?

I'm not saying that I believe these movies should be remade, remixed or rebooted, some things are perfect the way they are. But with the current spate of old IP being dusted off, here are my picks for reboots I wouldn't mind seeing popping up in multiplexes around the globe, if it was to happen:

1. Weird Science - 1985

With Hollywood's current thirst for genderbent casting, if this was to be remade I wouldn't be surprised to see an all-female team of super nerds creating a Frankenstein Chris Hemsworth. Plus, imagine the special effects!

2. Escape From New York - 1981

Casting - Christian Bale as Snake Plissken

The movies of John Carpenter are legend, and were, I thought, untouchable until rumors of a Big Trouble in Little China remake started fluttering through the web. Apparently FOX greenlit a EFNY reboot back in January, so it won't be long until we see Solid Snake, I mean Snake Plissken stealthing it up like a badass again.

3. Dune - 1984

One of my favorite films, and a vastly underrated (IMHO) cult classic, it would be great to see this sci-fi epic get another day in the sun, seeing as it has so much development trouble in the past. Immeasurably huge in scale, with the right director and director of photography on hand, this could turn into a sci-fi franchise of LOTR's proportions.

4. Big - 1988

Casting - Chris Pratt as Older Josh

The seminal Big was the first movie that opened my eyes to Tom Hanks' incredible physicality. His portrayal of a man-child is fantastic, and would be a great option to reboot for the latest generation of little ones to vicariously live out their dreams of being big in an even bigger and exciting world.

5. Innerspace - 1987

Casting - Simon Pegg & Nick Frost

The age old pairing of comedic genius and badass straight man, this movie blew my mind as a kid. Imagine going on a journey of transformation as Simon Pegg's shy nerd gets injected with a miniature and badass Nick Frost, and together they roam the streets of London causing absolute chaos. Who's got Edgar Wright's number?

6. Flight of the Navigator - 1986

This iconic and seminal Disney classic is very close to my heart, and was rumored to be getting a reboot at the hands of Jurassic World's Colin Trevorrow. With the significant leap in quality CGI animation, a FotN reboot could be absolutely terrific.

And the nostalgia - kid goes missing in the 90s and wakes up in the 00s, and promptly freaks out over iPads. And, and, imagine them actually going into space...

7. Commando - 1985

Casting - Michael Jai White as John Matrix

You can't go wrong with a bit of quintessential '80s Arnie, can you? And this movie is a perfect example of sweaty action. Seeing as revenge movies are, again, all the rage, this could pretty much play out as a more explosive Taken. But one condition, please keep a string vest (chainmaille?) wearing, knife wielding bad guy. Bennet is too hilarious for words!

"Let off some steam, Bennett."
"Let off some steam, Bennett."

Also, let's switch the casting of the film a bit and give ol' Black Dynamite himself, Michael Jai White, yet another badass character to own. He's a great performer, ridiculously good at martial arts and incredibly under used. Doesn't that make sense?

8. Gremlins - 1984

Spielberg's been attached to quite a few movies in this list, hasn't he? Testament to his incredible skill as an auteur. Gremlins is yet another classic that a reboot possibly wouldn't do justice to. But I've been wrong before. Plus, if it was to happen and the Gremlins were animated as opposed to puppets, that would be quite sad.

9. The 'Burbs - 1989

Now I could totally see this as a "fish out of water, psychological horror" genre piece, as a young family move into a sleepy, suburban wonderland, only to be embroiled in the murderous antics of their secluded neighbors. I'd watch that.

10. The Neverending Story - 1984

This movie is unbelievably epic, and a real feat of filmmaking for a pre-digital feature. A reboot could manage to speed the pace of the movie up a bit, and maybe... maybe make the ending a little more exciting (controversial...).

Bonus Raw Force Awesomeness!

Warning: this trailer is NSFW. Tread carefully.

Raw Force sure as hell doesn't need a reboot. I just wanted to highlight how perfect the trailer is. That is all.


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