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How It Should Have Ended

If you're familiar with the YouTube channel 'How It Should Have Ended', then you'll know exactly what kind of videos they make. It's right there in the name. They have made many videos on how different movies should have ended and continue to make them, though they to take time and effort. You should also know that these are more or less made for comedic value, yet they do bring up some logical and surprising points. Well, lucky for us, '[The Avengers: Age Of Ultron](tag:293035)' version is a 2-parter. (Obviously SPOILERS, but surely you would have seen the movie by now). Anyway, Part 2 is brand newly released, so go ahead and watch.

Also, I have no affiliation with the channel 'How It Should Have Ended', I'm just a fan of theirs showcasing their videos.



So after watching those, it actually does make you wonder why some things in the movie didn't go down like it does in these videos. But lets analyse a few of the things that they pointed out.

1. Quicksilver saving Hawkeye and avoiding death

Why didn't Quicksilver do that?

As we all ask, why didn't Quicksilver just do this, and move the bullets out of the way? Well, he probably couldn't have. The Avengers version of Quicksilver clearly wasn't as fast as the X-Men version. But in saying that, the X-Men Quicksilver had to move about 4 plastic bullets fired by plastic handguns. When the Avengers Quicksilver had to save Hawkeye and the kid, there were basically hundreds of larger, faster travelling bullets coming at him. So because he wasn't able to move the bullets in time, he just moved Hawkeye and took the bullets himself. Either way, I'm not denying that X-Men's Quicksilver was faster. He definitely would have been able to do it.

Quicksilver's Death

Quicksilver's death didn't really make sense. He could have easily had a cool scene where he saved them and kept his life. I feel like they killed him just to kill someone off, which Joss Whedon even admitted. But it made the least sense to kill Quicksilver. First of all, he probably could have easily moved the bullets as seen in the video above. Ok, but that's not the problem. Sure, it's understandable for him to be shot like that, but Quicksilver has increased metabolism and accelerated healing, he should have healed from that in no time. For example, if you look at Captain America, he has faster metabolism and accelerated healing than that of a normal human. In 'Captain America: The Winter Soldier', he was beaten the crap out of, shot twice and nearly drowned completely. He was still able to heal from that, then you have Quicksilver who has metabolism much, much faster than that, yet he couldn't heal from roughly 10 shots. But okay, even if he couldn't heal from that on his own, what about the cradle? You know, the machine that can create human tissue and was able to heal Hawkeye's large wound? Yeah, apparently that can't be done either. Out of all the characters that have died, It makes the MOST sense for Quicksilver to have been resurrected.

2. The Avengers finishing off Ultron with their lasers

Why didn't they just finish off Ultron right here?

Now this is actually something that is pointed out and makes us question this. When Iron Man, Vision and Thor were all using their Repulsors, Infinity Stone and Lightning respectively, why did they stop before Ultron was destroyed? In the film, it went down like this; They all zap him at once for about 10 seconds (Seriously, you would though the Infinity Stone alone would have done the job) before stopping to give him a chance to speak. After that, Hulk smashes Ultron hundreds of meters away, giving him a chance to make his way to a Quinjet, which leads to the killing of Quicksilver. It does confuse me as to why they didn't just go until he was destroyed completely. As I said though, you would think after being hit with all that, he'd be destroyed. But I guess it really showcases the strength of Vibranium, as it's able to defend from Infinity Stones.

3. Why didn't Magneto stop Ultron and Spider-Man stop the train?

Why didn't Magneto show up?

These are the more comedic things in the video, obviously the Magneto thing can't happen due to him being owned by another studio, but It's funny to see that if Magneto was involved, it would have been ended in a second. Also as a side note, everyone still thinks that Magneto is the father of Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch in the comics, but It is not true. Just recently in the comics, It was found out that Magneto is not actually their father.

Why didn't Spider-Man show up?

As for Spider-Man stopping the train, it used to be a "That couldn't happen". Well unfortunately at the time of this movie being made, no Spider-Man deal was made and it couldn't happen. But now Spider-Man is actually part of the MCU, so yes that could happen in the future if they ever need to stop a train again. Though I don't see another train scenario happening any time soon.


Well that's about it, feel free to check out some of the other 'How It Should Have Ended' videos, they have made a lot of them over the years. There is pretty much one for every Marvel movie, and they're just as good if not better than the Age of Ultron ones. Here's all of their MCU Phase 2 videos, if you want to see their Phase 1 videos, just search for them on their channel.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoy their videos! Do you think they pointed out some smart things?

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