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A phenomenal Russian artist by the name Andrew Tarusov has recently released a series of 14 images of Game of Thrones ladies in a pin-up style.

According to his about me on his website: “My name is Andrew Tarusov. I was born in Ribinsk, Russia. I am an illustrator and an animator. I specialize in Vintage style Pin-Up and comics. I release Pin-Up calendars every year. I’ve got two highly successful crowdfunding projects. I am married and have two lovely dogs.”

“You can download high resolution files of my pictures, that can be printed on a t-shirt or elsewhere here: For a small donation.“

There have been various other artists that have done pin-up style variations on popular shows, book, comics, and movies; however, these are some of the coolest and most relevant so far due the ever increasing popularity of the HBO hit show.

He also does various other calendars and prints that are available on his web shop. You can also view his other work, the rest of the GOT images, and follow Andrew at the following links:

Facebook / Instagram / Twitter / YouTube / Vimeo / Patreon / Andrew Tarusov


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