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Problem-Weeping Hollow

An old man in 2000 B.C wrote about the Angels of death! Many didn't believe him , and he was executed for his beliefs! It's 2015 and on a remote planet a weeping angel and a hollow meet! They fuse together to create the Weeping Hollow! The weeping hollow duplicated itself until there was thousands! They looked like stone angels without wings and a hollow mask! They also have the hole near there heart. They are able to move at the speed of light even if people are looking at them ! They cannot be seen unless you have the power to see ghosts. If they touch you instead of going back in time you are turned into a weeping hollow. Soon the weeping hollows have made their way to Earth.

The Teams- The Doctor and the paternoster gang

The Doctor and the the paternoster gang have heard about the new alien species on Earth, so they take the Tardis to Earth to investigate. To their surprise they find ghostly weeping angels. With the Doctors brilliant mind and the paternoster gang's battle skill they join the fight.

Ichigo,Rukia, and Orhime (from Bleach)

Ichigo is ready to battle the hollows with his Zanpaktu! He can defeat any hollow , but the Angel part will prove a challenge! Rukia has regained her soul reaper powers and her Zanpaktu and Rukia is ready to fight! Orhime and her fairies will provide defense for the duo.

The survivor!

The Doctor in a last ditch effort tries to save the the paternoster gang by sonicing the weeping hollow but ends up turned into a hollow, who Ichigo kills later! Since the paternoster gang cannot see ghosts they were soon turned into weeping hollows! In the end, Rukia, Ichigo,and Orhime defeated the hollows and saved the earth from being turned into weeping hollows!


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