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Alright guys and gals, this is my first ever casting article. I've been sitting on this idea for a bit and finally decided to do the work of looking through long lists of actors, imagining them as DC's younger heroes. Let me be clear that there is no Young Justice live action TV series coming soon. (Even though they're working on Teen Titans) This is just my imagination at work. Besides, with everything going on in the DCTVU, this isn't likely. Just having fun here. For those of you that don't know, Young Justice is a cartoon show that follows the sidekicks of heroes from the Justice League, as they band together to go on covert missions as "The Team". Even though the team gets bigger throughout the series, I'm only casting the ones that I've seen so far. Now let's get started.


Played By...

Stephan James

I think Stephan has the right build, and the right looks to play the Atlantean. Just dye his hair blonde, and it's a go. Aqualad is my favorite out of all of the young heroes, and he would bring a lot of raw action and things you don't usually see everyday (like water manipulation) to a live-action Young Justice.

Kid Flash

Played by...

Sterling Knight

Sterling Knight doesn't just fit the role looks wise, but we've already seen his goofy side in Sonny With A Chance that aired on Disney not too long ago. KF is no stranger to humor, so I think Sterling would knock this role out of the park.


Played by...

Logan Lerman

I loved Logan Lerman in Fury, where we saw him in the middle of the action. That's exactly where he'd be as Robin in a live-action Young Justice. I mean c'mon, he's definitely got that "Boy Wonder' look.

Miss Martian

Played by...

Kristen Stewart

I think Kristen would be perfect for the role of Miss Martian. She can play the awkward, cute, and innocent martian; while pulling out the big guns when she needs to. Add green skin, and you've got a perfect Miss Martian. (In my opinion)

Red Arrow

Played by...

Colton Haynes

Of course, right? I didn't want to pick anyone else, because he has killed the role as Arrow's sideki.. I mean partner in the CW's Arrow. 'Nuff said.


Played by...

Willa Holland

I know this isn't her role in Arrow, but c'mon, you had to know this was coming. She has the edge, the attitude, and the emotions to fit this role perfectly.


Played by...


How about a little diversity? (Besides the martian and the Kryptonian) I think Zendaya could brilliantly pull off the role of Zatanna. Give her the threads, and she'd be perfect.


Played by...

Nicholas Hoult

Now a few others were considered for Superboy, like Kellan Lutz. He could play Superboy, but not a young Superboy, as he is portrayed in Young Justice. I don't know, Lutz just looked a little too old, even with a shaved face. But Hoult looks the part as well. We've seen him rage as Beast in X-Men, so it's not hard to imagine him rage as the troubled Superboy. Put him on Hugh Jackman's diet and exercise plan, and we're good to go lol.

Well, that's all folks. I'd love to hear who you guys would cast! Please, share your thoughts in the comments below. Thanks for thumbing through (;


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