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Yeah, I know; but to find the words to find a man that lived an amazing 93 years has a lot to cover. I am going to touch only on a couple things.

Christopher, that is, Sir Christopher Lee seemed like one hell of a man would of been great, (kudos to whomever has).

From watching him as Joseph in, The Crimson Pirate, (uncredited) to Saruman in, Lords of the Ring trilogy. Also seeing in him Hammer Films as Billali in She to Rasputin the Mad Monk as the title character.

Oh, did I mention, Dracula? That too.

He alone could of just be mute in his movies, (which some he some) could of done easily and send chills down our spines with that looming, haunting, 6'5" towering figure.

But his operatic bass voice (he had which sang wonderful too) could take our spines and rip out of our bodies.

Yeah, he may be gone sadly, but he is immortal in one way and this in our hearts and by the films he has done which spanned three generations.

You'll always, to me, would of been a great Ra's al Ghul in Batman Begins.

I warn all of you: never, never, never. You will not only lose your mind, you'll lose your soul.

On black magic

Thank you Christopher Lee on living a great life and leaving behind grand memories.


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