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Jarod Borem

Well, by now everyone has seen Jurassic World, it has made record breaking numbers at the box office and has pulled in some mixed reviews. So now its time to talk about it. Is it total garbage? No, actually I was quite surprised by this film. I thought it would be a complete disaster, but to my surprise it had lots of thrills and surprises within it. First, let us discuss the cons of the film. First off, this is NO award nominee for acting. It is as if everyone in JW was fresh out of acting school. You would expect some frightened faces as people were being attacked by dinosaurs, but all we got were bland faces reacting to CGI green screen. Bryce Dallas Howard was for sure the worst part of the film, every scene she was in I just wanted to punch her in the face. She was not likable at all, brought nothing new to the film, and was basically eye candy for all the men to stare at because of her 2 dimension performance with no depth to it whatsoever. Speaking of character depth, let me say that no character in this film had any character development. They did try though with the two children as the youngest brings up their parents divorce and cries. This scene was not only out of nowhere but was also shoe horned into the film for a quick cheap heart felt moment. This scene has no relevance and was never brought up again. However, JW did have a believable and unique story. It made lots of sense and brought something new to the Jurassic Park series. Chris Pratt showed great charisma and was a very likable character, best part of film. The new dinosaur was very threatening and posed a great threat for the heroes to tackle. Had some great intense scenes, especially the heart pounding finale. Overall, good movie and very surprising. Not the best movie at all, but great popcorn flick.


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