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The Worlds

During Square Enix's conference they had announce that the Tangled film will be getting its own world in Kingdom Hearts 3, while I wasn't surprised that it was announced to be in the game I was surprised that some more worlds weren't announced. I would like to know if Pixar worlds will show up, or Marvel or Star Wars which the game creators have mention they would like to add into it. It would also be nice to know what worlds from previous game will make a return.

The Story

No details at all were mentioned about the story other than from the trailer we got. Even that was very vague in its story. We see two characters playing chess who I'm sure fans of the games know who that it and they discuss about Light and Darkness which is mainly what Kingdom Hearts is about. Still tons of mystery but I would like to know a bit more about what the game is about.

The Characters

Its been some time since we seen all of them together but from the trailer we got the core 3 character we care about. The first thing that was noticeable was that Sora had a new outfit, he has a new one in each game so its no surprise he has a new one. I couldn't tell if he had aged or not from the trailer, which would be a indicator of how longs its been since that last game in the content of the universe this game takes place in. But other than that we didn't see any of the other characters. We saw the two characters playing chess but I currently don't know who they are.


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