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Everyone is watching the sky for Valve's next entry in the Half-Life series.

Right now on Valve's Website, on the second panel of the home screen, is the Half-Life 3 logo. (slide_ep3.JPEG) Is it time? By god we hope so, but some have speculated that this might be a breach in security. Could this be another Survivor 2999 hoax?

It could be since when the text "Half-Life 3 Confirmed" was clicked, it redirected to a Nigerian twitter page. It has been removed, but the logo links to the Steam Summer Sale page. Another piece of evidence supporting the breach in security theory is that on the final slide, Half-Life 2 Episode 2 is still displayed. Many hope this is the year we finally hear the long awaited words from the lord and savior Gabe himself.

Valve is not listed at any E3 events and many wonder why Valve would announce one of the most highly anticipated games under the table. Maybe by the end of the week there will be some word from Valve on what has happened and what will be done. Will Gabe Newell leave us to burn in a world without threes? Or will he bless us with not only amazing savings, but the long awaited, 3...

Burn you poor people.
Burn you poor people.

There has been no word from Valve as of the posting of this article.


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