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It's been 14 long years since Amelia Mignonette Thermopolis Renaldi first discovered her royal destiny and 11 years since she accepted the crown as Queen of Genovia. With loyal fans desperate to hear the fate of everyone's favorite teen-made-royal, the wait is finally over! According to several sources, Disney has officially confirmed their intentions to reboot the beloved franchise with a third long-awaited installment.

Now, don't get too overly excited to see Mia and Queen Clarice together once more, since there has yet to be any indication of Anne Hathaway or Julie Andrews's return. However, Andrews did comment back in 2012 that she "would never say no because Disney’s so wonderfully clever and inventive," so there is still hope for the former queen! That being said, it seems like the public is more than happy to hear the news of a new installment.

The first two films were loosely based on Meg Cabot's young adult series of the same name. The plot for the upcoming film is still under tight wraps and whether or not it will be a continuation or a reboot is still unknown. However, there is tentative speculation that writers may borrow material from Cabot's latest novel, Princess Diaries XI: Royal Wedding. Of course, this all has yet to be confirmed.

Although this news has been long-awaited by fans of the cult classic, we just can't wait around any longer! What royal adventures could this new movie bring us this time?

Mia gets Married!

This storyline would definitely be one of the more obvious and cliche ones, but fun nonetheless. Last time we saw Princess Mia, she had decided against marriage and took the throne as an awesome, independent queen. But with 11 years of reigning in the land of Genovia, maybe Mia's heart is ready for true love!

Time to Pass the Torch....

Mia has always been an unconventional free spirit and not one to follow the rules, so it might be time for her to step off the throne. That being said, however, Genovia can't be left without a leader! Maybe it's time for Mia to step into her grandmother's shoes and teach another young royal how to rule a kingdom in style.

Let's Welcome the Newcomer!

Maybe Princess Diaries doesn't follow the normal rules of time, and Princess/Queen Mia has been long gone. Maybe another bloodline (possibly the von Troken's) has taken over, and it's time for the Renaldi family to take back their country! A young Renaldi must learn independence and leadership in order to regain the throne but could use some tips from his/her grandma Mia Thermopolis...

Let us know what you think could/ should happen in Princess Diaries 3 by commenting below!


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